Leading Lawyers: How To Harness Technology to Comply With Ethical Requirements and Amplify Impact In and Out of the Courtroom

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When COVID-19 ravished the globe and sent the legal world into a frenzy, tech-savvy legal professionals were able to lead their peers in meaningful adaptations and adjustments. As AI challenges notions of what the future of law looks like, tech-savy legal professionals are again leading the way when it comes to navigating these uncharted terrains. However, should this be case?

Ethical requirements across the nation call for technical competence as a matter of ethical compliance. Join Alicia Aquino and Temi Siyanbade for a thought-provoking session that will both challenge and empower attorneys to explore ways to continue to lead the legal industry toward increased relevance and ethical excellence when running their own practice and in the courtroom.

AI Technology Competence