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DAY 1: Office | Practice Management | Social Media | Litigation | iPad | Cloud | How To … | Meet the Author

DAY 2: E-Discovery | Large Firm | Mobile | Paperless | Mac | Advanced IT/Threat | How To … | Meet the Author

Day 3: Plenary | iOS | Windows 8.1 | Android | Blackberry | 60 Sites in 60 Minutes

Day 1: Thursday, March 27, 2014


Microsoft Word Power for Lawyers
Barron K. HenleyMicrosoft Word is a fantastic productivity tool for law firms and legal departments. In this session you will learn to master the tools in Word specifically designed for law firms. In addition to covering Word’s formatting tools for pages, fonts and paragraphs; styles, headers and footers; page and paragraph numbering and compare documents, you will also learn how to create a perfect citation, table of authority, table of content and indexes which are integral to legal documents.Materials
Excel Acceleration
Adriana LinaresIn this informative session learn how lawyers are becoming more reliant on this powerful “more than just numbers spreadsheet” application. Excel use in law firms and legal departments is expanding and includes creating spreadsheets that generate child support calculations, personal injury settlement statements and corporate settlement statements. Our expert will teach you how to bring these time-saving, error-reducing Excel functions to your law firm.Materials
Getting the Most from Microsoft Outlook
Adriana LinaresOutlook is one of the most widely used applications in law firms today. Outlook has more power under the hood than most of us realize and its importance in the legal profession is growing daily. Learn how to master the power of Microsoft Outlook functions from better ways to manage your Inbox to effective use of the calendar, contacts, journals and tasks modules. Maximizing the power of Outlook can facilitate improved client communication, more effective docket management, better time management and more for the busy attorney.Materials | PowerPoints
Getting Your Point Across with Microsoft PowerPoint
Paul J. UngerWhether you litigate or not, presenting a topic to law firm clients, mediators, arbitrators and juries, without visual aids, is simply no longer acceptable. Our expert will show you the very best ways to harness the power of Microsoft PowerPoint to make your next presentation, trial, mediation or client meeting unbelievably powerful. Attendees will learn about how to understand the template master settings, adding sound, pictures, video and limiting text in favor of visual graphics.Materials

Practice Management

Practice Management Software – From Agony to Ecstasy
JoAnn Hathaway, Thomas L. RoweCompare and contrast the many options available in practice management software today. Learn how this comprehensive solution can streamline your day, and eliminate redundant actions between applications. Accurately capture time, activity, communication records, and documents in a matter-centric system to help create bills, generate trust accounts, business financial reports and more. See how to work faster, smarter, and to a higher level using this software that can be locally installed or web-based.Materials | PowerPoints
Bills Out – Money In
Steven J. Best, Peggy GruenkeIf you would rather have a tooth filled than ask your legal clients for money, or if you’re billing but they’re not paying, attend this session. Our speakers will discuss and demonstrate technology available to the legal profession to ensure you get paid, from your retainer agreement (setting client expectations), through the end of the case and beyond. Say goodbye to write-offs and discounts and hello to steady law firm financial management!Materials | PowerPoints
Visual Workflow Applications
Aaron BrooksJoin us for an overview of visual workflow methods and technologies for managing paper and electronic information. This session provides an overview of the cloud-based application “Trello” and its ability to integrate with Google Docs and other applications. Privacy/security considerations for using cloud-based applications will also be discussed. The ideas discussed are based on the visual productivity system originally designed by Toyota for just-in-time manufacturing, known as “Kanban” (Japanese for “signboard”).Materials
Leveraging Technology for Practice Efficiency
Victor J. Medina, Bryan SimsMoney-saving, law office-specific tips and tricks for the busy tech-hungry attorney. Learn how to use technology in new and unexpected ways to make your office the most efficient possible place to practice law. This survey course covers topics including mobile access to all of your practice information, entering data once and using it multiple times (syncing data across applications), working paperlessly, using collaboration tools, and using software to automate your processes.Materials | PowerPoints

Social Media

Ethics of Social Media Marketing
Robert J. Ambrogi, Jennifer Ellis, Jeff LantzWhile the current Ethics rules regarding marketing long pre-date social media and Internet marketing – those rules are regularly applied to these new media. Our experts will discuss how the ethics rules are being made to fit various aspects of website, social media, and other Internet marketing. Learn the best practices to market your law firm online without inadvertently running afoul of the ethics rules at this session.Materials | PowerPoints
How Crowdsourcing Can Power a Lawyer’s Research
Robert J. Ambrogi, Jeff Lantz, Carole LevittThis program will demonstrate how lawyers can use crowdsourced and socially curated resources to research caselaw, active cases, dockets, legal commentary, legal articles, treatises, documents and pleadings, government activities, law journals, law firms, and people.Materials | PowerPoints
Advising Clients on Creating Social Media Policies
Deborah Gonzalez, Brian D. WassomEmployees in every industry participate in social media. Employers must create policies to ensure that activity does not affect their companies. When creating these policies, employers must consider numerous federal laws, regulations and privacy issues; and how to deal with activity on personal devices that employees bring into the workplace. This program will go beyond the basics of “you need a social media policy” to help you tailor your client’s policies to specific constituencies and emerging technologies.Materials | PowerPoints
Making Your Content Work For You on Social Media
Deborah Gonzalez, Samantha Meinke, Allison C. ShieldsSocial networking sites are excellent avenues for lawyers to reach potential new clients but all social networks are not created equal. Different sites prefer different types of content. For example, images, text links, and video are given more importance on some sites. Attendees will learn to create the best possible content and use some of the new site-specific tools for each of the most popular social media sites to boost their content and reach more people.Materials | PowerPoints


Telling Your Story for Trial – Intermediate & Advanced Tips for PresentationsRandall A. JuipToday’s media-savvy judges and juries expect clean, coherent, and logical presentations of proofs at trial. Unfortunately many attorneys return, time and time again, to a “Death by PowerPoint” style of presentation, replete with 12-point font, bullet point after bullet point, and text-dense incoherence. This session will explore the art of slide design, the science of proper presentation, and the mechanics of giving your jury or judge the slick, professional, and visceral court room trial presentation they crave.

Materials | PowerPoints

A Day in the Life of Two Tech-Savvy Litigators
William H. Latham, Marc W. MathenyFaculty and the audience are given descriptions of two hypothetical attorneys with massive tech problems. Faculty are then challenged to solve the litigation, tech- related problems and avoid the ethical issues that these hypothetical attorneys face in a given day.Materials | PowerPoints
Moneyball Technology for the Litigator
Marc W. Matheny, Mark I. UngerComparing and contrasting the practice of law with the book and feature film, “Moneyball,” this session will focus on litigation-specific analysis, tips, and tricks for the busy tech-hungry litigator. You will learn how to maximize your efforts to return the best possible results for your clients, using high-efficiency technology at a reduced cost.Materials | PowerPoints
What the Heck is this Case About?! A New Perspective on Using Timelines/Chronologies/Transcript Management
Judge Gerald Bruce Lee, Daniel J. SiegelThis session will demo software applications designed to help clarify and visually present the issues in your case. Applications include: Casemap/Chronology Tools, CaseMap/TimeMap, Timeline 3D, PowerPoint and transcript management tools. Discussion of issue coding and tablet apps will round out this packed session.Materials | PowerPoints


iPad in Action
Jim Calloway, Tom MighellYour iPad can be so much more than just a great way to catch up with old friends on Facebook “first thing in the morning”! In this session, our iOS Experts will demonstrate the hottest hardware and accessories, the most astonishing apps, the most wonderful workflows, and top-notch tips to make your iPad the most important and useful device in your arsenal.Materials | PowerPoints
iPad in Trial / iPad for Litigators
Judge Herbert B. Dixon, Jr., Jeff RichardsonWhile your iPad is an indispensable tool for helping you post snarky comments on YouTube, it can also be one of the most powerful and simple tools for trial. Learn from our iOS-master litigators how the iPad can help you organize your discovery, create timelines and graphics, pick a jury, organize your thoughts, present evidence, and even run your opening and closing.Materials | PowerPoints
iGadgets and iGear for the iLawyer
Jeff Richardson, Ben StevensCome learn about the best and latest gadgets to use with your iPad. Our panel will discuss the best keyboards, styli and cases you can get for your iPad, as well as the numerous other tools and gadgets on the market (e.g. external hard drives, stands, adapters, etc.). If you find yourself using your iPad more than you’re using your computer, you’ll walk out of this session with even more ideas on how the iPad can help you in your daily practice!Materials | PowerPoints
Advanced iPad: Working with Word and So Much More
Brett Burney, Mark I. UngerWhile the iPad is so simple and intuitive that even a toddler can download a cat video, this quarter-inch thick hunk of technology is vastly more capable than most attorneys could ever imagine. Take your iPad to the next level with these top-secret tips and tricks from some of the most accomplished iPad Illuminati around.Materials


VDI – It’s Not a Disease
Chad E. Burton, Martin DitkofVirtual Desktop Infrastructure “VDI” (aka Desktop-as-a-Service) can deliver your desktop to any device. Work with YOUR programs from your iPad, Windows Ultrabook, Mac or Android device from anywhere you have an internet connection. VDI allows you to work on a Word document on your iPad, turn to your laptop and open the document to the exact same location. Forget about having to maintain servers or worrying about power loss or connection interruptions – they are things of the past and VDI will set you free!Materials | PowerPoints
Office 365 v. Google Apps
James Province, Mark Rosch, Jeffrey TaylorMicrosoft’s new Office 365 offering threatens to revolutionize the way that attorneys and other professionals create and collaborate on documents. Google Apps have made collaboration transparent and easy. Learn from our panel of experts how these two titans of cloud-based productivity square up against one another in a first ABA TECHSHOW cloud software deathmatch. In the end, “there can be only one.”Materials
Ethics 20/20, Security, and Cloud Computing
Catherine Sanders Reach, Kevin A. ThompsonMore and more law offices are either fully virtualizing or, in the least, offloading critical functions to the cloud. The new ABA Model Rules impose on attorneys a requirement of technological competence, and require that attorneys must be aware of the ethical implications of cloud computing. Come to this session and learn what cloud computing concerns are legitimate, which are not, and what to do to best protect you, your practice, and your clients from security threats.Materials | PowerPoints
Document Storage v. Document Management in the Cloud
Steven J. Best, Aaron BrooksA detailed review of how law firms and corporate legal departments utilize available cloud-based options for document management, document sharing, and document storage in the Cloud. If you don’t know the difference between these three, you definitely need to come to this session and learn about documents in the Cloud.Materials | PowerPoints

How To …

Use Facebook for Your Law Firm
Samantha MeinkeThere are over one billion people using Facebook, which means if you aren’t using it professionally, you’re at a real disadvantage in today’s marketplace. This session will teach you how to launch and manage your professional Facebook presence. You will learn everything you need to know about capturing the attention of potential clients and building a Facebook fan base without overstepping ethical bounds.
Materials | PowerPoints
Create a Closing Argument Using Prezi
Brian D. WassomPrezi, a non-linear presentation software, provides different options to create dynamic closing arguments. Prezi makes it easy to focus on the details but incorporate them into the big picture. Learn step by step how to create winning Prezi presentations using this exciting new software option.
Materials | PowerPoints
Build a Website in an Hour
Jennifer EllisWatch and learn as our presenter shows you, start to finish, how to create a website for your firm that you can have up and running in just 60 minutes using WordPress. A review of the advertising ethics for law firm websites is also part of this session.Materials | PowerPoints
Securely Use Dropbox in a Legal Environment
Diane EbersoleExplore several strategies and applications to increase the security of your Dropbox account. Implementing additional security measures will help assure that your Dropbox account is meeting the ethical requirements of client confidentiality and file backup.Materials | PowerPoints

Meet the Authors

Judy Davis & Carole Levitt: Find it Fast and Free: Free Internet Legal Research SitesMaterials | PowerPoints
Tom Mighell: How to Become an LP Author


Day 2: Friday, March 28, 2014



E-Discovery Caselaw Update
Stacey Blaustein, Martin T. TullyHow are courts addressing predictive coding, the preservation of social media, and the general expanse of e-discovery? It’s so important to be aware of the newest topics in e-discovery today to be an effective litigator. Come hear experts in the field run down the latest and “hot off the press” opinions in the world of e-discovery so you can understand how it will affect your practice.Materials
FWIW: How 2 Collect and Use Social Media 4 E-Discovery
Judge Gerald Bruce Lee, Sharon D. NelsonOne of the thorniest questions in today’s e-discovery world is how to collect, preserve, authenticate, and present ESI from social media sources. Whether it’s a tweet, a Facebook wall status, or blog post, lawyers need to know how to identify and gather social media data for purposes of production during discovery and presentation at trial. Whether it’s a small domestic issue or a large class action claim, lawyers need to know about helpful software, best practices, ethical considerations – and what judges have to say on all these topics.Materials
Predictive Coding for Productive Practitioners
Stacey Blaustein, Judge Herbert B. Dixon, Jr., Tom GricksPredictive coding, or “technology-assisted review” (TAR) is a hot topic in electronic discovery circles, but if you think it’s important only to big firms with big clients, think again. Our experts will show you how firms can apply technology-assisted review to cases of any size. Learn how existing technology can improve accuracy in searching for relevant documents, reduce the cost and time spent for manual review, and provide greater insight into your client’s data by allowing for strategic early case assessment.Materials
E-Discovery Motions Hearing Workshop
Thomas C. Gricks, III, Christopher KingA practical look at how e-discovery law is applied in the context of a realistic scenario. Patterned after the 7th Circuit Electronic Discovery Pilot program, a mock hearing will recreate e-discovery issues that may arise in the course of litigation. The workshop-style presentation will include perspectives from the bench, and offer real-world advice on how to proceed in your own e-discovery hearing.Materials

Large Firm

War Stories of Staff Use of Unapproved Data Services & Devices
John Jelderks, David G. RiesEveryone stops for train wrecks. Make sure that data spills happen to ‘the other guy’ by looking at case studies of recent staff generated data spills from across the country. Learn what they did wrong and how you can avoid their fate.Materials
The Changing Face of Large Case Financing & Billing
Toby BrownFrom the newly minted position of “Pricing Director” to the debates on third-party funding of litigation, changes are underway in how legal services are negotiated and priced. Look at the tools and changes taking place and how they impact and improve options for firms moving into the future.Materials
Compliance Landscape Report – Regulatory Impact on Information ManagementPhilip FavroFrom HIPPA and SOX to local data breach reporing requirements, legislation is driving the standards for data management and breach mitigation. Our experts look at changes to code and case law that is creating policy around your practice and the business of your clients. The session will also look at complaince management tools that help you stay on top of the standards.
Where is My Client’s Jetpack? The Future of Client-Facing Technology
Toby Brown, David G. RiesAs people have turned to cloud services to meet basic business needs and we see the continued growth of CRM (Customer Relation Management) for customer self-service and project management, law firms are implementing new client-facing tools. In this session you will learn where CRM fits in your practice and how it can improve client service, interaction and loyalty.Materials


The Litigators Guide to Android
Daniel J. SiegelThe universe of Android apps continues to grow, and many of the apps on the market can be used by litigators to enhance trial, mediation, and arbitration presentations. This session explores the newest and best applications for Android litigators. Learn how to get the most from your Android device.Materials | PowerPoints
Practice Pointers: Android Settings & Customization to Up Productivity
Debbie Foster, Jeffrey TaylorSettings and custom controls are the gateway to improved productivity and communications using your mobile device. Our speakers take you through a hands-on program designed to help you maximize your productivity and get the most bang for your buck from your Android device.Materials
Road Tested: Gear, Gadgets & Guides that Smooth the Bumps in the Practice Road
Lincoln Mead, Nerino PetroA look at new tech that can remove some of your practice frustrations or open new service opportunities for your practice.  Explore the tools that you can take into trial or on the road!  It doesn’t matter what flavor you use, iOS, Android or Windows, this session works for everyone.
Mobility Killed the PC-Star – Can a Tablet Replace the Attorney’s PC?
William H. Latham, Catherine Sanders ReachThe temptation is there: Avoiding the next cycle of laptop or desktop replacements and going 100% tablet. Can it be done? Are there operational or ethical risks? A tool by tool walk-though by our mobility gurus will try to meet the challenge!Materials | PowerPoints


Tools of the Trade for Paperless Practice
JoAnn Hathaway, Richard J. SerpeIn this highly informative session, you’ll learn about the hardware and software options that can help your law firm or legal department become less reliant on paper. We’ll get into the weeds including discussing scanner types such as portable, desktop, network, and flatbed scanners; software to create, manage and work with digital files; and more.Materials | PowerPoints
We All Need It – The PDF Enlighteningment
Richard J. Serpe, Ernest SvensonLaw firms are becoming more reliant on the portable document format (PDF). Because court documents and filings are electronic, PDF proficiency is a required skill. Your firm is no longer able to simply print to traditional printers and survive. Learn the tips and tricks of working with PDF files including how to properly manipulate PDF content, ethical considerations of digital signatures, bookmarking, securing your PDF, PDF/A requirements of the courts and sanitizing Meta Data from a PDF file.Materials
You’ve Gone Paperless – What Now? Document Management and Scanning in 2014
Peggy Gruenke, Thomas L. RoweNow that you’ve taken steps to be more green and live in a less paper law firm or legal department, where do you go from here? In this session the presenters will discuss new options for scanning and imaging at law firms and legal departments. How to better manage your firm’s paperless content, digital signatures, creating online forms via the use of traditional and cloud based software, and services specifically designed for the legal profession will also be discussed.Materials | PowerPoints
Less Paper More Mobility
Tom Mighell, Reid TrautzNow that paper is a thing of the past at your law firm/legal department, and now that your law practice requires you to be more mobile, mobile access to your legal documents is a necessity. Learn about ways to access document content while away from your office, and which tools work best for lawyers. This session will also explore web interface options to utilize while you’re working mobile.Materials | PowerPoints


The Business Case for Going All Mac
Randall A. Juip, Ben StevensMany firms shy away from going “All Mac” because of the perception of the higher expense. Come and learn from our panel of experts how the short- and long-term costs of running an All-Mac law office balance against the gains in productivity. See how going All-Mac can positively affect not only your P&L, but your balance sheet as well. And you’ll be cooler, way cooler. Priceless.Materials
Mac Power Users
Victor J. Medina, Mark C. MetzgerA Mac can be a busy attorney’s best friend; come learn how to unleash the power of Mac’s OS X and various third-party apps to the benefit of both you and your clients. Also, learn what to expect for you, your practice, and your legal workflow from Apple’s recently released Mavericks, the new operating system.Materials
Lone Wolf: Being the Only Mac in a PC Firm
Randall A. Juip, Ben StevensWhile more and more attorneys are going “all Mac,” many Mac-lovin’ lawyers find themselves all alone in all PC firms. Learn from this session how your Mac wolf-pack of one can work more efficiently and productively in a PC environment. This session will cover tools such as Parallels and VMware Fusion, Remote Desktop Sessions, and helpful software and workflows.Materials
The Ghost in the Mac: Automation and Document Assembly
Victor J. Medina, Mark C. MetzgerBring some extra hair gel or spray, because you’re going to be blown away by the shock and awe and pure white-light power of the ability of your Mac to automate tasks and streamline the creation of documents. Learn about how you can use tools built into OS X–like Automator and AppleScripts–as well as third-party solutions–such as Hazel and Default Folder X–to streamline your practice and to bring out the Ghost in your Mac.Materials

Advanced IT/Threat

Corrosion of Confidentiality – How Technology Threatens Privilege
Mark C. MetzgerHow do you maintain client confidentiality and confidence in an always connected world of clouds and devices? Take a look at current threats to privilege and explore the tools, services, and tips that can keep you on top of protecting that most important duty.Materials
Fighting Back – Tools for Tracking Hacks to Secure Your Practice
Chris Ries, John W. SimekThe best network defense is built on knowing how and where the attacks are coming from. Our speakers take you on a tour of the threat landscape and provide insight on how to isolate, track, and report attacks.Materials
N.S.AY What? Firm and Client Data Security & Encryption in the Age of Monitoring
Chris Ries, John W. SimekGo the extra mile by learning how to lock down your files, communications, and services using a variety of hardware, software and cloud-based services. Get a refresher on the types of encryption available to make the best choice for encrypting your practice without burdening your clients!Materials
Moving Targets – Locking Down Mobile Devices in Your Firm
John Jelderks, Ben M. SchorrBYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is not going away. Stay ahead of the curve and avoid data spills by looking at how to manage mobile devices. Learn how to protect from attaching to firm data, how to track location, and about remote detonation of a lost device. Learn what can be done to manage device creep and its impact on your practice.

How To …

Add Document Assembly into Your Workflow
Jim CallowayReview the software options and learn how to develop a plan for document assembly deployment at your firm. You can start small, do it yourself, or hire a consultant to do it all for you. This session will provide the tools needed to help you assess your goals, resources and budget as you develop the path to document assembly implementation at your firm. Materials | PowerPoints
Optimize Your Use of Evernote
Philippe Doyle GrayExplore the best features of Evernote including tags, security and 2-step verification, email, notebooks, sharing, note links, backup, working with PDFs, extensions and apps: Web-clipper, Clearly, Skitch and more. This fast paced session will have you taking your Evernote use to an entirely new level of effectiveness! Materials | PowerPoints
Use LinkedIn for Lawyers
Dennis Kennedy, Allison C. ShieldsAlmost everyone is on LinkedIn, but is your use of it yielding the maximum return for your efforts? Learn how to get the most out of the time you spend on LinkedIn and how to minimize the security and ethical risks of using this service.Materials
Create Forms in Word
Barron K. HenleyCreating a form is most beneficial when the form generates correct input from the user, is easy to distribute, and the collected data is easily compiled and reused. Learn how to build forms, from scratch or by using templates that meet all of these criteria. Explore advanced form features and then determine how you will use these new form creation skills to increase efficiency and efficacy at your firm.Materials

Meet the Authors

Ben Schorr: The Lawyer’s Guide to Microsoft Outlook 2013
Ruth Carter: The Legal Side of BloggingPowerPoints
Ernie Svenson: Adobe Acrobat in One Hour for Lawyers
Paul Unger: PowerPoint in One Hour for Lawyers


Day 3: Saturday, March 29, 2014


Plenary: John W. Dean

The Evolution of Ethics and How It Applies to Today’s Technology (with Q & A)Before becoming Counsel to the President of the United States in July 1970, at age thirty-one, John Dean was Chief Minority Counsel to the Judiciary Committee of the United States House of Representatives, the Associate Director of a law reform commission, and Associate Deputy Attorney General of the United States. He served as Richard Nixon’s White House counsel for a thousand days.Dean did his undergraduate studies at Colgate University and the College of Wooster, with majors in English Literature and Political Science. He received a graduate fellowship from American University to study government and the presidency, before entering Georgetown University Law Center, where he received his JD in 1965. For the past ten years Dean has been a visiting scholar (and lecturer) at the Annenberg School of Communications at the University of Southern California.John writes on the subjects of law, government, and politics, and he recounted his days in the Nixon White House and Watergate in two books, Blind Ambition (1976) and Lost Honor (1982). Since retiring from his career as a private investment banker at age 60, he has written a series of New York Times best sellers, a biweekly column for, and is currently working on his twelfth book, while regularly delivering CLE programs throughout the country.


60 iOS Apps in 60 Minutes
Brett Burney, Chad E. Burton, Jeff Richardson, Reid TrautzIf you’ve ever wondered “Is there an App for that,” this is your session! Come and witness the most anticipated review of iOS Apps east of MacWorld Expo! Our four App-Experts will guide you through the good, the bad, the ugly, and the absolutely indispensable Apps for the legal world.Materials

Windows 8.1

60 Windows Mobile Apps in 60 Minutes
James Province, Ben M. SchorrWindows 8.1 introduces Modern User Interface Apps for smart devices and the desktop. While Windows remains the underdog when it comes to numbers, don’t overlook the fat wallet of MS. Find out what 60 apps Windows-loving lawyers need to know about.


60 Android Apps & Widgets in 60 Minutes
Daniel J. Siegel, Jeffrey TaylorApps? We don’t need no stinkin’ apps! Widgets provide immediate control and data access without rummaging through grandma’s app drawers. See how this key technology difference makes Android stand apart as the “real time when you need it” information OS.PowerPoints


60 BlackBerry Apps in 60 Minutes
Dan PinningtonBlackBerry still sits atop the security mountain and many firms provide only BB’s for their attorneys. If you are a dedicated BB user this session will bring you the latest and greatest apps on the market for BlackBerry and you.

60 Sites in 60 Minutes

60 Sites in 60 MinutesNow that you’ve enjoyed three days of non-stop legal tech education, allow our panel of experts to provide you a guided tour of the 60 best sites on the internet for attorneys. For the first time ever, the panel will be crowd-sourcing some of the sites! Tweet your favorites to #TS60Sites and see if yours make the cut!Complete List