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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Paperless and Productivity Track

Less Paper Means More Productivity
To stay current, your law firm or legal department must consider moving to a less paper environment. This session will focus on key steps needed to begin moving your firm to a less paper-dependent existence. In this internet age, clients expect that your firm will have instant access to information and electronic access to all data is a key ingredient to that. Don’t be surprised when your productivity skyrockets without paper.
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Applying Technology to an Inefficient Process is a Net Gain of ZERO
Layering new technology on top of processes that are already inefficient will get you no where. Our speakers will discuss how to deal with the fear of change, resistant staff members, adopting new procedures to existing protocols, as well as how to decide upon, prioritize, and implement your firm’s investment in the new technology.
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Never Type It Twice Paperless & Productivity Track
Understand the difference between integrated software systems and independent systems that “link” with other software applications. Explore the difference between software integration and synchronization of data. Learn how you can enter data into one system and automatically reutilize it in another, improving efficiency. Software covered includes practice management, time and billing, accounting, document management, along with document assembly links and syncs.
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PDF is Paperless Productivity
PDF is not just Acrobat anymore! Our experts discuss using electronic documents as an alternative to printing paper, including adding comments and notes, using editing tools, and creating forms. Discover options for adding electronic signatures and digital certificates to secure your files. Make documents searchable, highlight text, redact data, Bates stamp and more!
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Litigation Track

All the Tools in the Toolbox: Technology in the Courtroom
What are the essential technology tools for litigators? This session will explore “must have” courtroom technology, as well as the cutting edge tools available to best present your client’s case. Discover the latest equipment, software and services for dynamic trial presentation.
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Storyboarding at Trial
Storyboarding uses images rather than words to explain your client’s position to your audience – the jury. Speakers will explore how they have created success in the presentation and summary of evidence to the finders of fact at trial. Examples will be given in PowerPoint, Key Note, Mind Mapping, Presentations, and other like software.
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Technology in ADR/ ODR
Discover how lawyers can best use technology to their client’s advantage at arbitration, mediation, private trials and other aspects of Alternative Dispute Resolution. Whether presenting to opposing counsel, or to the private judge or arbitrator, the use of technology wi1px ADR will be revealed. Our speakers will explain the best resources in technology hardware and software to assist the litigator to settle or win a case.
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The Tablet Litigator
Join our experts in exploring the many uses of Tablets and iPads in the Courtroom. Learn how these devices can help you win your case by gathering information, presenting or rebutting evidence, and using them from opening to closing in a typical litigation case. This discussion will include the presentation of evidence, using “at your touch” legal research and accessing remotely stored documents.
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Large Firm Track

Data Retention: Holding on to the Good & Out with the Bad
As federal and state government grapple with regulations on data spills, breach disclosure, and retention regulation, you are left holding the digital bag. This program looks at tools and tips to help understand when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em.
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Competitive Intelligence in a Cloud Based World
Where any piece of information can alter a case’s landscape, competition is a fact of life. With Social media, blogs, and websites; the rocks we have to look under continue to grow. This program looks at the increasing use of information on the Internet for competitive intelligence to advance your client’s position.
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The Corporate Counsel’s Guide to Discovery Management
This session will be an exciting policy and practice discussion on managing the continuing onslaught of discovery requests. Hear the stories from both IT leadership and Corporate Counsel on dealing with this complex issue.
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Legal Project Management
Using Project Management has become a mechanism for containing costs and delivering quality services to clients. This program illuminates policies, tools, and methodologies of project management. Learn how inside counsel, law firms, and outside litigation support teams across the country manage costs while achieving quality in the delivery of legal services.
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Social Media Track

Social Media as an Information Gathering Tool
“Social Media” is not simply “social” anymore. Increasingly, lawyers are finding information valuable to their cases in social media profiles. This session includes developing a strategy to use Social Media for professional development and locating information related to matters you handle. The program will also look at relevant case law, as well as the existing ethics opinions covering social media research and contact with parties and witnesses.
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Maximizing Your Investment in Social Media
Using social media professionally requires that you have a plan to efficiently gather and share information. Learn strategies to become a comprehensive online resource in your area of practice using tools such as RSS feeds, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Discover how a few well-planned social media “power hours” and strategic posting tools can turn you into a social media rock star.
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Leveraging LinkedIn & Finagling Facebook: Building Relevance on Leading Social Media
LinkedIn is no longer just “the professional’s” social network any more than Facebook is just the “personal” social network. The volume of users and traffic requires that you market to both. Learn how to derive value from both of these essential platforms. Explore the differences, identify necessary information to complete profiles, and learn valuable insights into the best features. Review tools to maximize the benefits of these services, and acquire up-to-date information needed to customize privacy settings to avoid ethical pitfalls.
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Ramping Up Maintream Social Media
Social media doesn’t just mean Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Discover lesser-known platforms and how they can add to your professional development and communications with current and prospective clients and colleagues. This session will touch on services including Pinterest, Google+, WordPress, Tumblr, FourSquare, Yelp, Waze, Flickr, Instagram, MySpace, Spotify, and more!
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Tech Grab Bag Track

Office 365: The Lawyer’s Preview
What is Office 365 and is it in your future? Our panelists explore its useful features and options. Learn about cloud based word processing, anytime-anywhere access, Microsoft Lync communication systems, and hosting your email with Microsoft’s Cloud Based Exchange. Will Office 365 revolutionize the way you practice?
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Building Interactive Pleadings and Briefs Using Adobe Acrobat
The latest versions of Adobe Acrobat do more than just create or open PDF documents. This session explores how you can build legal documents, pleadings and briefs that will help present a strong case – from the initial filing through the final briefs.
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Jump or Get Pushed? Introduction to Windows 8
Windows 8 is here – is it where you and your office need to be? Investigate why upgrading may make sense for you and what steps are necessary to ensure a smooth transition if you do. The program will provide an overview of new features and functions that can shorten your learning curve while working with this new technology.
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Scary Tech: Cool Products and Hot Solutions for the Security Minded Lawyer
Take a peek at some of the coolest technologies out right now and look beyond their shiny cases and sleek frames to see how secure they are. Find out how to effectively and safely implement them in your practice. Learn the ethical implications of using these tools and what you must do to secure them without losing your street cred.
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Cloud/Collaboration Track

Remote Access Best Practices
Working away from the office is a reality for today’s lawyers; consequently, accessing data from anywhere is now a necessity. This session will help you learn the best tricks, tips, and solutions for remotely accessing vital office data. Get assistance with tricky synchronization concerns and find out the fastest ways to connect to your office.
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Cloud Security: Trends & Ethics
Ethics 20/20 is coming to your jurisdiction! Our experts will review and discuss the current status of ethics opinions pertaining to the use of cloud computing by legal professionals. Learn how lawyers have come to deal with balancing their ethical obligations while improving their effectiveness and efficiency by adopting online computing solutions.
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How to Offload Mission Critical Operations to the Cloud
If you are not already working in the cloud, you will be soon. This session will demonstrate not only how to make the move effectively but also learn what stays, what goes, and even how to deal with concerns you may not be aware of when going to the cloud.
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Collaboration Tech Toolbox
Increase efficiency by building a list of effective collaboration solutions for your practice. Get help from our panelists to develop efficient workflows and practices for your office when working from multiple platforms or locations.
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Meet the Author

Ben Schorr
The Lawyer’s Guide to Microsoft Excel 2013; The Lawyer’s Guide to Microsoft Outlook 2013; The Lawyer’s Guide to Microsoft Word 2013

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PowerPoint: Not Available
Sheila Blackford and Donna Neff
Paperless in One Hour for Lawyers

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Sharon Nelson and John Simek
The 2013 Solo and Small Firm Lawyer’s Guide to Technology
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Ernie Svenson
Blogging in One Hour for Lawyers
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Mark Rosch and Carole Levitt
Google Gmail and Calendar in One Hour for Lawyers
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Friday, April 5, 2013

Solo/Small Firm I Track

Speech Recognition: Hear, There, and Everywhere
Explore the newest versions of speech recognition software. Learn about new stand-alone applications, custom commands, apps that are built into new operating systems, and speech recognition solutions for mobile devices.
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Presentation Software on Your Mac, PC or the Web!
Compare, contrast, and evaluate PowerPoint, Prezi and Keynote. Learn which apps successfully cross the platform gap. Optimize your presentation skills by learning which of these applications is the best fit for your practice.
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Ever-Changing MS Office – Why and When Do You Upgrade?
Microsoft Office seems to be releasing new versions at a steady pace. When, or why, do you make the change? What are the challenges if you don’t stay current? What is the best way to manage the long, expensive and winding road of Microsoft Office versions for your PC or your Mac? Get real world experiences from our speakers as they lay out possible paths for traveling the Office road.
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It’s Getting Better All the Time – Document Assembly!
Starting with optimizing your word processing software and moving up the price point ladder, this segment will review and demonstrate several applications and techniques to get you moving down the document assembly road. Learn how document assembly will improve efficiency, accuracy, and consistency in your practice.
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Solo/Small Firm II Track

The Frugal Law Firm
Explore alternative solutions that can save you big bucks! Discover low cost alternatives to the products and services everyone assumes are necessary. Find free web based services, protect your systems from attack, and determine when it is time to upgrade without 1pxning your wallet.
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To SaaS or Not to SaaS – That is the Question
Discover the pros and cons of SaaS-based applications that have been developed specifically for law firms. Applications including examples from the worlds of billing, accounting, and practice management services will be compared and contrasted to similar proprietary in-house applications. Find out the risks, rewards, cost considerations, and flexibility factors that are driving the market towards adopting SaaS apps.
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Communication Interconnectedness!
How do you connect all of your communications across multiple devices and your entire staff? Learn how to get your phone calls anywhere, and your voicemail and faxes delivered via email, and consolidate text and IM for true unified messaging. Additionally find ways to integrate your calendar across devices and share with your office, keeping your team connected.
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Assembling Your Virtual Team
Explore the options available utilizing virtual answering services, online typists, website designers and outsourced financial management. What virtual support services are right for your firm? How do you determine Return on Investment (ROI)? What are the ethical considerations in working with remote service providers? Our speakers will cover the practices and pitfalls of working with a virtual team.
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Tablets & Smartphones Track

Tablet Wars 2013
As Apple pushes the iPad towards iCloud, other tablet makers are embracing alternatives. Whether you are using GoogleDrive, SkyDrive, Dropbox, Evernote, Box, or another service, find out whether the functionality of your tablet of choice may be changing. This is Tablet Wars as you’ve never seen before.Materials | PowerPoint: Not Available
The 4×4 Challenge: Top Apps for Every Platform
No matter the platform, there are common activities we want to accomplish on our phones or tablet devices: note-taking, document editing and revision, PDF annotation, and general productivity. Our speakers help you discover which apps may be best for each. Our mobile experts have done their homework, and in this very fast-paced session, they’ll list the top apps for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry devices.
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Mobile Collaboration
Technology can cut the costs of working with others in a variety of locations, locally or abroad. Google+ Hangouts, Facetime, Google Drive, Cloud Connect, SharePoint and others can help you not just keep in touch, but collaborate with other lawyers in your firm, co-counsel, or clients in real time. Learn how you can utilize your mobile device to provide better service to your clients by sharing documents, developing ideas, and boosting your productivity whether you’re in or out of the office.
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Batten Down the Hatches: Mobile Security for Lawyers
With most of us carrying our offices around with us, it is more important than ever to make sure that our mobile data is just as secure as the data we left back at the office. In this session, you’ll learn best practices in mobile security, including strategies for backing up your devices. Review the best mobile security apps for all platforms along with ways to remotely protect your device, and the ethical issues involved in failing to keep your mobile client data safe.
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E-Discovery Track

E-Discovery CaseLaw Update
Review the latest e-discovery opinions in both federal and state courts. Get up to speed quickly on the state of e-discovery law through discussions on discovery of cloud data, predictive coding, cross-border discovery, and proportionality. You’ll also learn about new discovery rules under consideration including the status of the proposed federal rule on preservation.
Materials | PowerPoint
Predictive Coding for Productive Practitioners
There’s no question predictive coding, or “technology-assisted review” (TAR) is a hot topic in electronic discovery circles, but if you 1pxk it’s important only to big firms with big clients, 1pxk again. Our experts show how small and medium-size firms can apply technology-assisted review to their own cases. Learn how existing technology can improve accuracy in searching for relevant documents, reduce the cost and time spent for manual review, and provide greater insight into your client’s data by allowing for strategic early case assessment.
Materials | PowerPoint
Using Cloud-Based Tools for E-Discovery
For some firms and clients, traditional e-discovery tools may be outside of their budgets. Fortunately, a host of cloud-based e-discovery services offer processing, review and production services, often with efficiencies and costs that are attractive to the practitioner. Our experts will introduce you to these cloud based e-discovery tools. We’ll address concerns with hosting information in the cloud, who owns and controls the data, and cost considerations.
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E-Discovery Motions Hearing Workshop
A practical look at how e-discovery law is applied in the context of a realistic scenario. Patterned after the 7th Circuit Electronic Discovery Pilot program, a mock hearing will recreate e-discovery issues that may arise in the course of litigation. The workshop-style presentation will include perspectives from the bench, and offer real-world advice on how to proceed in your own e-discovery hearing.
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Mac Track

Making the Switch for the Mac-Curious
If you’ve seen a Mac, own an iPhone or iPad, or have ever been to an Apple Store, admit it… you’re a bit Mac-Curious. If you are considering making “THE SWITCH,” this is the session for you! Our Mac experts will walk PC users through the best hardware, software, and work-flow modifications to make this transition.
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Mac Power Users – The OSX Edition
Mac’s OSX is one of the most powerful, versatile, and helpful tools available to time stressed attorneys. See how the tools and workflows built directly into the Mac OS are used by Mac Lawyer titans, allowing them to increase their productivity and profitability while decreasing the hassles inherent to a life in the law. Your learned panel of legal technology behemoths will walk you through the new features of Apple’s Mountain Lion OS.
Materials | PowerPoint
Mac Power Users – The 3rd Party Provider Edition
While the Mac OS itself is feature-rich, an entire community of third-party developers are busy racing the Apple engineers in Cupertino to develop some amazingly simple, powerful, and functional apps. This session will cover the best of the best of these non-Apple apps that help attorneys stay in touch with clients, develop their businesses, work smarter, and deliver more.
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The Super-Awesome Mac Hour of Amazement
Your ABA TECHSHOW board has scoured the universe for the best of the best; the smartest geniuses; the Masters of Mac. Marvel and be amazed as these experts demonstrate their best practices on automated form creation, gold-standard workflows, the use of document styles, and mastering PDFs! Discover how Automator and Apple Scripts turn your Mac into a 1pxking machine that won’t try to kill you. Bring your Mac; this’ll be a watch and do session!
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Advanced IT Track

Crawling through the Wiring of Windows 8
Windows 8 is here and bringing a lot of new features and questions for IT professionals. This program helps you evaluate the changes in Windows 8 with regard to networking, user administration, and legacy support. Get a head start on preparing for the migration.
Materials | PowerPoint
Understanding Network Penetration Testing
Who finds out that your network is vulnerable? You or ‘them’? ‘Pen testing’ can help an IT team find the weak points in their systems, improve their understanding of their security needs, and provide some peace of mind. Our panel reviews the current exploits out there, the tools and techniques to prevent them, and how to stay on top of future security threats.
Materials | PowerPoint
New Geolocation Technologies AKA “Hello Location-Based Discovery”
Geotagging is the technology that you have never heard of. It embeds itself into the data on your phone, laptop, and files, providing detailed time and location information to law enforcement and other third-party inquisitors. Learn how location-based data will impact your practice and the discovery process.
Materials | PowerPoint
Text Me, Sext Me, Prove I Said it: Device CSI
Cellphones and other mobile devices have become the target du jour for discovery. This program looks at what data is out there, who ‘owns’ it, and the tools and processes for managing its forensically-sound acquisition.
Materials | PowerPoint

Meet the Author

Stephanie Kimbro
The Ethical Use of Electronic Marketing Tools
Materials | PowerPoint: Not Available

Saturday, April 6, 2013

iOS Track

iOS in Action
Are you really getting all you can out of your iPad and iPhone? In this session you’ll learn how to put your iOS devices to work for you in your law practice. We’ll cover tips on billing and managing your time; drafting and working with case documents, transactions, and files; and attending or hosting meetings on your iDevice. Our experts will demonstrate how the iOS ecosystem provides the best apps for lawyers. We will also discuss how iCloud keeps data synced across all your devices.
Materials | PowerPoint

Windows 8 Track

Windows 8 Show & Tell
With Windows 8, Microsoft is (re)joining the mobile device party with a unified desktop and device experience. Microsoft hopes to translate its dominance in the laptop and desktop marketplace into the red hot mobile device market. This session will cover which of the most popular practice-related software is available for the new Windows mobile devices and innovative ways to put them to use when you’re on the go.
Materials | PowerPoint

Android Track

Android by Example
Android is the supercharged, market-leading operating system from Google that powers an army of phones and tablets. With devices available from myriad manufacturers and nearly a dozen versions of the operating system, not all Android devices are created equal. Our experts will help you learn which devices deliver the largest bang for the buck to lawyers and how lawyers are putting them to use in their practices.
Materials | PowerPoint

60 Sites in 60 Minutes

60 Sites in 60 Minutes
Now that you’ve absorbed three days of non-stop legal technology sessions, enjoy your final session that provides quick advice on the best sites for lawyers. Plus, there are normally a few funny sites as well.