The Future of Pricing in the Legal Industry: Embracing AI + Efficiency with AltFee


The legal industry is undergoing a transformative shift through AI and automation, enhancing efficiency. This challenges traditional time-based billing models, leading law firms to explore alternative pricing strategies that align with AI-driven productivity. These strategies include value-based pricing, fixed/flat fees, stage-based pricing, subscription models, and more. As AI’s role becomes more established, law firms should balance technology integration with sustainable pricing models while communicating with clients about the value of AI. Adapting to this evolving landscape enables law firms to position themselves as leaders, delivering value, maintaining profitability, and fostering stronger client relationships.

Who We Are

AltFee is a legal tech company enabling law firms to be confident and successful with the scoping and pricing of their services through the effective use of fixed fees and value-based pricing. 

The AltFee team is thrilled to be attending their first ABA TECHSHOW, and being selected as a Startup Alley Finalist just adds to the excitement. This event provides an excellent opportunity to engage with the legal tech community, reconnect with old acquaintances, and amplify awareness about AltFee’s mission of improving the legal experience, for everyone.

Our founding team brings a combined 60+ years of legal industry experience as practicing lawyers and law firm owner/operators. We have experienced the numerous pain points of the billable hour first-hand, and in our pursuit of a better way of charging for legal services, have established ourselves as global thought leaders on the subject of non-hourly pricing.

What to Expect from AltFee

Come visit us at our booth (#2), where you can expect to learn more about how AltFee is revolutionizing law firm pricing by offering a foundation for alternative fee structures that align with the evolving legal landscape. More specifically, see how AltFee is empowering firms to assess and assign value accurately in the face of AI-driven efficiency gains, foster collaboration, data-driven analysis, and confident scoping & pricing—addressing the global challenge of moving beyond the billable hour model and ensuring profitable scalability for law firms.

You can also expect to receive a whitepaper titled “The Future of Pricing in the Legal Industry: Embracing AI + Efficiency” and a one-pager establishing how firms can optimize their non-hourly pricing systems.

And maybe most importantly, you can expect a nice conversation with a couple of friendly Canadians who are deeply passionate about improving an industry that has been part of their lives since they took their first steps 🙂! 

Where to Find Us

You can find us celebrating Valentine’s Day on Wednesday, Feb. 14, at the Startup Alley Pitch competition, which runs from 5-6:30 pm CT. For the remainder of the conference, you can find us in Startup Alley set up at booth #2. Please come by and visit!

You may also find us at the United Center cheering for our hometown Vancouver Canucks as they play against the Chicago Blackhawks on Tuesday night (Feb. 13).

Let’s Connect

If you are interested in connecting before or during the conference, please reach out:


Scott Leigh

Digby Leigh

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