Wisedocs is exhibiting at the prestigious and recognized American Bar Association Conference: ABA Techshow 2023

2023 is off to a strong start – Wisedocs is thrilled to announce we will be attending and sponsoring events in legal, insurtech and insurance, workers’ compensation, risk mitigation, and more across North America this year. We had a great experience meeting new faces and reconnecting with friends across the industry in 2022. Wisedocs was amongst five Canadian-based legal tech startups shortlisted for this prestigious and well-anticipated American Bar Association conference.

For our first conference of 2023, the Wisedocs team will be exhibiting at ABA TECHSHOW 2023. At Booth #702, you will find sales team members, Alex Meiklejohn and Karishma Shah who will be happy to show you our software platform that makes it easy to sort, understand, summarize, and organize unstructured medical records through Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR).

ABA TECHSHOW: Meet Wisedocs

Wisedocs is the medical record review machine learning software for insurance carriers, healthcare providers, laws firms, and TPAs making waves in the claims industry. We serve the auto, liability, disability, workers’ compensation, tort law, and similar markets. Wisedocs provides an easy-to-integrate solution for improved accuracy and speed to deliver improved outcomes in the medical claims process.

How the legal industry handles medical records for claims

In the legal industry, document processing for medical records as it pertains to insurance claims is often a long, tedious, and costly process. From research and analysis to insurance and medical document management and accounts payable invoice processing, the legal sector has had a need to handle important administrative tasks more effectively yet much of the processes remain largely unchanged. As the legal professional is well aware, reviewing a medical record for an insurance claim can take anywhere from three to six months on average for the law firm. These manual processes impact not only the legal firm, but the insurance companies, and the claimants. Law firms are ready to off-board tedious tasks and allow artificial intelligence (AI) to support their practice and processes in order to reimagine the claims space.

Technology shift in tort law for claims

During tort law claims, law firms need to review the medical record to detect anomalies and important points in the case to make their legal decision on a medical record. Law firms will process thousands of medical documents every day for clients in insurance and medical claims. Automation helps make document origination and processing feasible at scale. With Wisedocs, your firm can save hours of time sorting and processing medical records plus organize, understand, and get insights on medical records. Our exceptional customer support team transforms document processing so firms can focus on what matters most, their clients!

Meet Wisedocs at Booth #702 at ABA Techshow 2023

Since launching in 2018, Wisedocs has processed over 25,000,000 pages of medical records, successfully offloading the laborious manual task from our clients and streamlining the entire medical record review process. With an oversubscribed seed round funding in 2022 led by Ripple Ventures and participation from GreenSky Ventures, HaloHealth, as well as George Papayiannis and Tim Lett. Recently recognized as a IWSCC Certified Diverse Supplier, Great Place to Work Canada, OpenComp’s people-first employers to watch in 2023, and working towards our SOCII compliance, Wisedocs is a trusted and wonderfully recognized company.

Let’s see how your legal firm can leverage Wisedocs to process medical records up to 70% faster, visit Booth #702 at the ABA TECHSHOW 2023 this March! We’re happy to connect before or after the event, as well, if you’d like a demo of our medical record review platform or to talk to our team.