TECHSHOW 2024 LIVE: Start-Up Pitch Competition

An annual favorite, this startup competition will showcase 15 innovative legal startups. Happening in Grand Ballroom EF, the 15 startups will face off in a bracketed pitch competition – judged by TECHSHOW attendees – to pick the most innovative startup. All the startups will also be featured in the EXPO Hall during TECHSHOW in the Start-Up Alley.

Wednesday, February 14, 2023
5:00pm – 6:30pm
Grand Ballroom EF

See the complete list of start-ups ad descriptions featured below:

1. BriefCatch

BriefCatch empowers lawyers and judges to edit legal documents to the highest standards while helping their clients win, boosting their writing skills, and enjoying expert explanations, models, and examples.

2. Ai.Law

Ai.Law provides AI-generated litigation documents, from pleadings to discovery.

3. Lexamica

Unlock new revenue with Lexamica, the go-to platform for curated case referrals. Whether you’re looking to hand off a case or take one on, our exclusive network of law firms has you covered. It’s simple to connect great cases with great attorneys, optimizing your practice and growing revenue. Lexamica places cases with the best firm, automatically tracks statuses, and ensures timely payment. All so you can focus on what you do best—winning cases and satisfying clients.

4. Resolutn

Resolutn streamlines settlements with AI, turning protracted disputes into quick, fair outcomes. It cuts costs, boosts law firm efficiency, and satisfies clients by resolving cases faster.

5. Recital 

Recital provides legal teams with the most delightful contract negotiation experience, ever. Recital automatically gathers files and messages from email and storage, to provide auto-organized in-flight and historical contracts and one-click comparisons from email. It unlocks your prior work to create your clause library and playbook and makes that knowledge available directly in Word. Recital works in Word and email, for fast adoption without changing how lawyers work. No implementation needed!

6. LexSelect

LexSelect streamlines trial prep by automating workflows associated with reviewing transcript evidence, turning 50 hours of work into 4 — a 92% reduction. We aim to become an essential interface between legal professionals and their various knowledge repositories, enabling them to unlock overlooked productivity opportunities in their everyday workflows.

7. AltFee

AltFee revolutionizes law firm pricing by offering a foundation for alternative fee structures. This system empowers firms to precisely assess and assign value to projects, vital in a landscape where AI/efficiency gains drastically shorten task timelines. Ensuring alignment between service prices and delivered value, AltFee encourages teams to share insights, collaborate, and analyze data trends. This collaborative approach enables confident scoping and pricing without the fear of underpricing.

8. Henchman

Legal professionals rarely start from scratch when drafting contracts or negotiating details. They spend at least 60 minutes searching through old contracts or consulting colleagues for relevant precedents. Henchman automatically centralizes past clauses and definitions from any legal team’s contract database and delivers them intelligently in lawyers’ familiar Microsoft Word or Outlook environments. This eliminates time-consuming tasks and allows lawyers to focus on adding value and expertise.


Skribe empowers attorneys to capture legal testimony with software which dramatically lowers costs by 50%, speeds up the process 10x, and makes attorneys awesome.

10. Gretchen

Gretchen revolutionizes legal assistance for lawyers, being the first generative AI-powered tool to integrate directly into their email inboxes. With a single click, Gretchen securely accesses relevant client documents and drafts instant email responses, seamlessly blending into existing workflows without compromising document security. Designed specifically for smaller law firms, Gretchen empowers lawyers to provide lightning-fast client responses, enhancing efficiency and service quality.

11. 2nd Chair 

You are a lawyer. You’re preparing a case for a client. You have thousands of pages of material to read. So, you boot up 2nd Chair. You upload your documents. You type, “What are the top 10 best/worst facts for my client in these docs?” In seconds, you have a ChatGPT-style answer. It includes precise links to the relevant parts of the source docs. You can follow the links yourself to guarantee no hallucinations.

12. Beagle

Elevator Pitch: E-discovery vendor costs for the average commercial litigant average around $240k. Beagle slashes these costs by 3x. Additionally, Beagle significantly reduces the time required to locate and analyze documents and increases the accuracy of such analysis. As the first AI-native platform, Beagle utilizes AI to understand users’ intent and translate it into actions with internal and external tools, paralleling the capabilities of a junior attorney.

13. Civille

Civille delivers best in class websites, SEO, digital marketing and online tools. Civille’s AI law forms and chat tool can segment leads by value as well as filter out less-desirable leads. Case management and CRM integrations allow you to customize the digital experience.

14. Altumatim

Altumatim is the story-based eDiscovery platform that fully automates document review and finds the most important evidence by learning the story the attorney wants to tell. Altumatim cuts through the noise in the ever-increasing volume of electronically stored information (ESI) and reduces the cost and time required to find the information that is critical to making informed decisions about whether or how to proceed with a matter and ultimately how to present the most compelling case at trial.

15. Paxton AI

Paxton AI develops advanced legal research tools powered by artificial intelligence, providing legal professionals with swift and accurate access to a comprehensive database of laws, regulations, and case law to streamline the legal research and drafting process.


Read all of the start-ups detailed applications here. *The summaries listed are based on information provided by the startups in their applications. In some cases as noted, startups have not provided information or have asked that information be kept confidential. Most of the startups have also provided a link to a demo video.