LegalEase Citations | ABA TECHSHOW Press Kit

2023 Press Kit | LegalEase Citations

LegalEase Citations was founded in 2018 by Ethan Isaacson, then a law student and now a licensed attorney, who recognized the pain points and inefficiencies in creating accurate legal citations. He saw an opportunity to streamline the process and save hours of valuable time for law students, lawyers, and legal professionals. Using advanced A.I.-powered algorithms, the LegalEase Citations generator automatically applies all the citation-formatting rules for users, ensuring 100% accuracy in every citation style, type, and format. Since its founding, LegalEase Citations has become a trusted resource for legal writing citations, with users across the United States and beyond. Its mission is to empower law students, lawyers, and legal professionals to focus on the substance of their legal writing by providing easy, fast, and accurate legal citations.