Announcing LTRC’s Women of Legal Tech 2019

The Legal Technology Resource Center (LTRC) is pleased to make its fourth annual announcement of Women of Legal Tech. LTRC’s Women of Legal Tech initiative is intended to encourage diversity and celebrate women in legal technology. This initiative launched in 2015 with a list of innovators and leaders in legal technology and with this year’s additions, that list now includes 100 talented and influential women leaders.

This year, we received more than a hundred nominations. The nominations were inspiring and indicate real momentum for women in the legal tech space. A committee of LTRC tech gurus met to select this year’s honorees. The committee consisted of Heidi Alexander, Dennis Kennedy, Sofia Lingos, Brooke Moore, and Allison Shields. The selection process was unbelievably challenging, but we rounded off the honorees to 100 by adding 15 phenomenal women this year. These women will be recognized on February 27th in Chicago at the Women of Legal Tech Summit.

We will be running individual profiles on each of our honorees this year every week starting March 4th, so stay tuned!

We proudly present to you the 2019 Women of Legal Tech!

Congrats to Our Class of 2019!

Kunoor Chopra
Vice President Legal Services and Co-founder at Elevate Services

Tanina Rostain
Professor of Law

Joy Heath Rush
CEO at International Legal Technology Association

Dean Hari Osofsky
Dean, Penn State Law and School of International Affairs

Debbie Hoffman
Founder and CEO of Symmetry Blockchain Advisors

Kimberly Bennett
@kbennettlaw ‏
District Operations Specialist

Erin Gerstenzang
Founder of EHG Law Firm

Erin Levine
CEO of Hello Divorce & Levine Family Law

Laura O’Bryan
Co-Founder of MyVirtual.Lawyer

Kim craig
Co-founder & Experience Designer

Natalie Worsfold
Co-Creator and driving force behind CounterMeasure at Counter Tax Lawyers

Felicity Conrad
Founder & CEO

Katie DeBord
Chief Innovation Officer

Katia Alcantar
Co-Founder & General Counsel

Catherine Krow
CEO of Digitory Legal

See their complete bio’s here.

  Sophia Lingos, Esq., Trident Legal 

Sofia Lingos, Esq. is the founding and managing attorney at Trident Legal LLC, an innovative business law firm, providing transactional legal services, to small businesses and start-ups in diverse industries, throughout all stages of growth, based in Boston, MA.