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Even though this is the blog for ABA TECHSHOW there’s much at TECHSHOW that’s about technology enabled processes or, even, looking at how technology is making old or well-established processes new again. That’s the theme of a recent post from our friends over at Law Practice Today, Dan Lear and Kristin Tyler take on the topic of ethically using freelance attorneys. And these folks know of what they speak. Dan is an attorney and previously was working to connect lawyers and consumers at the online legal marketplace Avvo, Kristin is a partner at a Las Vegas law firm but also the co-founder of a legal technology company LAWCLERK an online service that helps busy attorneys find freelance legal help. The idea of freelance attorneys is certainly not a new one but the ability to access any freelance attorney at any time via the internet is a game changer for many attorneys, particularly solos and smalls who don’t have an expert in a given area of law “right down the hall.” The tips in Kristin’s and Dan’s article help today’s lawyers manage their ethical risks when functioning in a technology realm that the rules probably never anticipated.

And that’s precisely what TECHSHOW was designed for: helping lawyers understand and effectively and ethically use technology. We’d love to have you join us at TECHSHOW 2019.


Dan Lear   Dan Lear, Chief Instigator, Right Brain Law

Dan Lear is a lawyer and legal industry gadfly and the Chief Instigator of Right Brain Law. As a practicing attorney he advised technology companies from startups to the Fortune 100. Since his transition from tech lawyer to legal technologist Dan’s been mentioned, featured, or published widely in the legal industry press and spoken to legal and non-legal audiences in a number of settings including at SXSW Interactive, Ignite Seattle, Georgetown University, Stanford University, ReInvent Law, and the National Conference of Bar Presidents. Most recently, Dan was the Director of Industry Relations for Avvo.

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