5 TECHSHOW’s Ago – Paul Unger Reflects on His Year as Chair in 2011

We’re on a TECHSHOW countdown and with 5 days to go, we’re hopping in the WayBack Machine to hear from past chairs and take a look at What Was at TECHSHOW!

Unger.P_ts2016Paul Unger – ABA TECHSHOW Chair 2011
Twitter: @pauljunger
Website: www.affinityconsulting.com

What were you doing (real life job) when you were the ABA Tech show chair in YEAR? Are you still doing that same thing? If not tell us a little bit about your journey.

I was and still am a founding partner of Affinity Consulting Group. Since ABA TECHSHOW I have been speaking more for law firms, law firm retreats and CLE organizations, finished my PowerPoint for Lawyers book for the ABA, and now finishing up another book.  I chaired LTRC (ABA Legal Technology Resource Center) for 2 years, and just finished serving as Chair of the Mid-Year Conference in Savannah, GA for the Association for Continuing Legal Education (ACLEA).

What was / were the notable topics/tracks of your year?

The iPad and tablets, generally, were still pretty new, so it is fun to think about how that technology was in its infancy at ABA TECHSHOW 2011!    The notable thing in 2011 is how absent tablets were from the discussion versus today, whether it be in the form of an iPad or some Laptop/Tablet hybrid device.  The Paperless track was huge, but it still is.

What was the hot technology or must have service, gadget or tool or idea?

Without question, the iPad in 2011 was hot!

 If you had a keynote speaker who was it and what was their topic?  

Lawrence Lessig, who was actually in the 2016 presidential race for a short time!  He spoke about digital intellectual property and how the laws in 2011 are antiquated.  I may be a little biased because it was my year as chair ;-), but I think he was incredible.  He is such an engaging presenter … and absolutely brilliant.

 Do you have any great stories or meaningful show moments to share with us?

Two things come to mind.  First, and I know this is going to sound archaic in 2016, but I wanted to see if I could be 100% paperless using an iPad so I converted my 3 giant three ring notebooks from TECHSHOW prep and planning materials to PDFs and loaded everything on my new iPad … huge success and so easy.  Secondly, 2011 was also the first year we were permitted to spend any dollar amount on a keynote speaker. We broke ground in 2011 and it has gotten better every year!

Any final thoughts about your TECHSHOW experience?

What a proud, challenging, fun moment in time.  It was an honor to serve with such amazing and talented people.  I really miss the comradery.  It is truly an elite group of people.  I also really miss my friend Browning Marean who served on the board and unfortunately passed away in 2014.  His professional contributions to TECHSHOW and the e-discovery community was tremendous, and he was such a charming, smart and generous guy.  I am blessed to have learned from him.