3 TECHSHOW’s Ago – Britt Lorish Reflects on Her Year as Chair in 2013

We’re on a TECHSHOW countdown and with 3 days to go, we’re hopping in the WayBack Machine to hear from past chairs and take a look at What Was at TECHSHOW! Take a look Britt’s agenda and faculty as it was in 2013.

brittBritt Lorish – ABA TECHSHOW Chair 2013
Twitter: @blorish

What were you doing (real life job) when you were the ABA TECHSHOW chair in 2013? Are you still doing that same thing? If not tell us a little bit about your journey.    

Yep, still doing it! I was a partner with Affinity Consulting and still am as my year was just a few back (2013).

What was / were the notable topics/tracks of your year?

Without a doubt the cloud technology track was coming into its own by then and the attendance escalated in that track, as more folks were really embracing it.

 What was the hot technology or must have service, gadget or tool or idea?

Again, I’d have to say cloud products stole the show.

 If you had a keynote speaker who was it and what was their topic?  

We were fortunate enough to have David Pogue and he was awesome! The New York Time’s tech-columnist spoke on “Disruptive Tech: What’s New, What’s Coming and How It Will Change Everything”. He gave his predictions for the future of technology and the impact it will have on the upcoming generations. Very entertaining – funny guy!

Do you have any great stories or meaningful show moments to share with us?

I think having Steve Best introduce David Pogue with a song was one of my highlights. Steve changed the lyrics to be about David and played piano while he serenaded Mr. Pogue – it was seriously good stuff!

 Any final thoughts about your TECHSHOW experience?

It was a great experience overall! A lot of work, but well worth it as I found it to be very rewarding. And I’m proud to be in good company with so many other amazing past chairs.