TASTE OF TECHSHOW: A Technological Culinary Experience

Have you heard of the TASTE OF TECHSHOW?   Every year at ABA TECHSHOW all of the faculty and attendees are invited to partake in the evening dinner events collectively known as, TASTE OF TECHSHOW.  Dinners are held on Thursday evening and Friday evening of TECHSHOW at some of Chicago’s best restaurants, – many of them within a few blocks walk of the Hilton Chicago.  Each dinner is themed with a legal technology topic, with a discussion to be lead by one or more members of the TECHSHOW faculty,  in his or her areas of expertise.   You get to mix and mingle with other attendees while enjoying some of Chicago’s greatest food, beverage, and fellowship.

Sign up for the dinners on the ABA TECHSHOW website or via the Taste of TS icon on the TECHSHOW app (available for iOS and Android devices).  You will be allowed to register for one dinner each night.  Dinners will be “locked out” for registration when the seating capacity for each dinner is met. In the event your plans change, you are encouraged to cancel your dinner reservation if you cannot make your particular dinner, to allow others to sign up.

Dinners are “Dutch-Treat” affairs, and some restaurants won’t split the bill, so plan accordingly.

Be sure to sign up for TASTE OF TECHSHOW dinners early. You can register online for a Taste of TECHSHOW dinner until Monday, April 13, 2015, by clicking on the name of the dinner on this list and filling out the form.  After Monday, April 13, 2015, reservations may be made at the ABA TECHSHOW concierge booth, if space is available.

Most dinners sell out, but a waiting list is available for each dinner in case there are cancellations.  We hope to see YOU at this year’s TASTE OF TECHSHOW.