Managing Email on iOS

-By J. Benjamin Stevens & Katie Floyd

Ben Stevens practices in Spartanburg, South Carolina with his wife, Jenny, at The Stevens Firm, P.A. Family Law Center, where his principal area of practice is family law. He is a Fellow in the prestigious American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and currently serves as the Chair for its national Webinar Committee. Ben is also an officer on the South Carolina Bar’s Family Law Council, and he previously served two terms as the Section Chair for the Family Law Section of the South Carolina Association for Justice (SCAJ). He is also an active member of the South Carolina Bar, American Bar Association, and American Association for Justice, and he is a certified Family Court Mediator and Arbitrator. Since 2004, Ben has published the award winning South Carolina Family Law Blog, which provides useful information to attorneys, Guardians ad Litem, clients, and the general public on a wide variety of family law issues.  He also publishes the wildly popular The Mac Lawyer blog, which focuses on legal technology issues.

Katie Floyd is an attorney with the law firm of Salter Feiber, P.A. in central Florida. She maintains an active litigation practice where she focuses on commercial and civil litigation including contract disputes, real property litigation and estate planning. In addition to her legal work, Katie is the co-host of the acclaimed Mac Power Users Podcast along with Orange County attorney David Sparks. Mac Power Users focuses on helping listeners learn how to get the most from their Apple technology with productivity related topics and workflow guests. Since the show’s inception in 2009 it has been consistently ranked as one of the top technology podcasts.

This post is excerpted from the materials for their ABA TECHSHOW 2015 presentation “Family Road Trip to Yosemite and iOS 8” to be presented on Friday, April 17 from 10:00-11:00 AM.

Mail in iOS 8 has a number of new features that attorneys will find particularly useful. these include the ability to customize email notifications by thread, enhanced drafting options, new swipe features to triage email, and the ability to interact with email notifications.

“Notify Me”

One enhancement is the ability to create specialty notifications by email thread. You can already designate certain contacts as “VIPs” and manage notifications accordingly. But, if you are handling an important matter and need to know immediately when a reply is made to an email you can designate specific email thread as important and receive instant notifications. This option is also available when writing a new email, just tap on the little bell icon that is located on the right- hand side of the subject line.


Sometimes when composing messages on the iPhone you need to reference another message in your inbox or you want to save the message for a later date. Previously you had to choose between deleting or saving the message to a drafts folder. Now, iOS can remember your drafts messages and tuck them away for future use. If you have more than one draft saved message in progress, IOS will display them as a stack of cards.

To use this feature, compose a new email or respond to an existing one as normal. To save a message as a draft, swipe down from the top of the screen to return to your inbox. The draft will hover at the bottom of the screen until you’re ready to return to it. Tap the message to continue composing.

Swipe Gestures

Mail in iOS 8 includes a couple handy gestures that let you flag messages, set them as read, or delete them simply by swiping across the message.

If you don’t like the way the gestures are setup you can change them. Under Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars and selecting Swipe Options.

Interactive Notifications

iOS 8 introduced the idea of interactive notifications. If you have notifications turned on for email messages you can now directly interact with those messages without disrupting the rest of your work. Interactive notifications give you the option to not only see that you have a notification, but also by swiping down on the banner you are giving the option to mark it as read, or send it to the trash.