60 Sites in 60 Minutes from ABA TECHSHOW 2015

The annual “60 Sites in 60 Minutes” session at ABA TECHSHOW 2015 took place on Saturday, April 18 to full room of anxious faces and selfie sticks.


This year’s panel consisted of Brett Burney, Hon. Herbert Dixon, Dennis Kennedy, Debbie Foster, and Mark Unger. As usual, the “60 Sites” panel sometimes gets carried away having too much fun, but we did manage to actually squeeze in 60 websites with some of us doubling up during our turn.

  1. Hipmunk & Tripit (Burney) – two of the best tools available for planning and managing your travel itineraries
  2. Cool Tools (Kennedy) – excellent site for finding things you didn’t know you needed
  3. Mental Floss (Dixon) – random, interesting, amazing facts
  4. 80sTV (Foster) – when you need an 80’s fix
  5. Coffitivity (Unger) – ongoing coffee house sounds played from your computer or mobile device to enhance creativity and work
  6. iPhoneJD (Burney) – best resource for lawyers using an iPhone or iPad
  7. Background Burner (Dixon) – remove backgrounds from images
  8. huffduffer (Kennedy) – create your own podcast
  9. mySupermarket (Foster) – “we get you the best prices from 8 leading stores”
  10. Mohiomap (Unger) – web based graphic visualizer of all of your data in one interactive mindmap (supports search across the following platforms: Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive and, as of 4/20/15, Box)
  11. Consumer Search & The Wirecutter & Every Day Carry (Burney) – for when you ask that question “which ________ should I buy?” (fill in the blank: laptop, printer, hard drive, speakers, mobile phone, etc.)
  12. Hotel Wi-Fi Test (Dixon) – don’t stay in a hotel with crappy wi-fi
  13. Pronounce Names (Kennedy) – how do you say your name again?
  14. Quoteacle (Foster) – when you need that special quote from your special movie
  15. ClipCard (Unger) – web based search of all of the following of your accounts, with linear search results, as opposed to graphic results of Moh.io Map
  16. Print Friendly (Burney) – re-formats web pages so they will print nicely or convert to pretty PDF
  17. Crime Reports (Dixon) – look at the reported crimes in your area
  18. Open Culture (Kennedy) – the best free cultural & educational meida on the web
  19. Roadtrippers (Foster) – plan your next awesome road trip
  20. ProofFinder (Unger with hat tip to Craig Ball) – web-based eDiscovery tool that allows you to search up to 15 GB data sets for $100/yr; All proceeds are donated to Room To Read, a non-profit that supports literacy among primary school children, helping girls in lesser developed countries finish secondary school and has to date raised over $100,000 and built schools in Nepal and Sri Lanka.
  21. How Big Is Your Haystack? (Dixon) – test the strength of your password
  22. How Secure Is My Password? & The Passive Aggressive Password Machine (Burney) – some not-so-quite serious methods to check the strength of your password
  23. The Eggcorn Database (Kennedy) – site devoted to collecting the kind of unusual English spellings that have come to be called “eggcorns”
  24. The Rasterbator (Foster) – create large wall art from any photograph!
  25. Ship Your Enemies Glitter! (Unger) – pay them $10 or $20 and they will send anyone you choose an envelope full of glitter (the original Glitter Bomb”) or the “Do Not Eat Cupcake,” respectively
  26. The Punctuation Guide (Burney) – quick reference guide for all those annoying punctuation questions (does the comma go inside or outside the quotation marks?)
  27. Apple Sliced (Dixon) – discover iPhone & iPad apps and browse the apps on sale
  28. My Yahoo (Kennedy) – still a great way to aggregate all your news and information from around the Web
  29. Unplug The TV (Foster) – instead of the usual mind-numbing television, watching something mind-opening and educational
  30. Ecamm (Unger) – website with data extraction and recording apps, including PhoneView to pull data from iPhone or iPhone backups and Skype and Facetime Recording Apps
  31. Terms of Service; Didn’t Read (Burney) – now you can read through all those terms of service agreements that you agreed to
  32. Have I Been Pwned? (Dixon) – check if you have an account that has been compromised in a data breach
  33. Model View Culture (Kennedy) – technology, culture, and diversity media
  34. Awesome Baby Name & Baby Name Voyager (Foster) – research names for your offspring
  35. Replace Your Docs (Unger with hat tip to EmilyMiskel) – UK based “novelty” site that could be used by nefarious persons to fake documents or evidence. An awareness of this and others could be important for lawyers when evaluating evidence in cases.
  36. You’re Getting Old! (Burney) – when you need a website to make you feel really, really old
  37. justdelete.me (Dixon) – directory of direct links to delete your account from web services
  38. The ABA Legal Technology Resource Center (Kenendy)
  39. easelly (Foster) – create and share visual ideas
  40. The Droid Lawyer (Unger) – Jeff Taylor is the uber goto guy for the Droid Lawyer and everything related to droid smart (ish) phone and tablets and has always been generous with his knowledge. While there are many of us out there that pursue legal Apple knowledge, workflow and Apps, Jeff is relatively alone in this space and very helpful to those who use Droids to practice law.
  41. Celebrity Death Beeper (Burney) – when you want to be in the know
  42. VirusTotal (Dixon) – free service that analyzes suspicious files and URLs and facilitates the quick detection of viruses, worms, trojans, and all kinds of malware
  43. Ask Dave Taylor (Kennedy) – ask your technology questions!
  44. distractify (Foster) – because we all need a distraction from time to time
  45. izitru (Unger) – site where you can upload your digital photograph and the site will evaluate the metadata and provide an opinion of its authenticity
  46. Funny Typos & Cake Wrecks (Burney) – a few more time-wasters
  47. SlickDeals (Dixon) – get the best deals & coupons
  48. Feedly (Kennedy) – RIP Google Reader, long-live Feedly
  49. Forgotify (Foster) – 4 million songs on Spotify have never been played. Not even once. Let’s change that.
  50. If This Then That (Unger) – site (and app) that allows one to create an if/ then scenario. Specifically, if this, then that, this site provides hundreds of recipes via channels that when activated and after triggering fields and choosing an action, you create an if / then causative action automatically. This is significant given the trend towards automation of bespoke functions in the ever increasingly competitive law practice.
  51. www.wwwdotcom.com (Burney) – the end of the Internet
  52. Apps from PiVi & Co. including AgingBooth and BaldBooth (Dixon) – [ed. this brought the house down and Judge Dixon was pure class … you had to be there!]
  53. FiveThirtyEight (Kennedy) – which flight will get you there faster?
  54. Texts from Dog (Foster) – yes, Texts from Dog
  55. Invisible Girlfriend (Unger) – this site allows you to create your own invisible, virtual Girlfriend (or boyfriend at Invisible Boyfriend) and for $25/mo, have an ongoing and meaningful text / virtual relationship. You can choose what they look like, there interests, name and where they live.