What Attendees & Vendors Said About Last Year’s TECHSHOW…

We’ve written a lot about why you should attend ABA TECHSHOW 2015 but why take our word for it? Read what attendees and vendors said about ABA TECHSHOW 2014:



What Attendees Said:

Short Reflections on ABA TECHSHOW 2014
March 30, 2014
Bill Wilson (@WilliamWilson) is an attorney in South Bend, Indiana and posted some bullet point takeaways from ABA TECHSHOW 2014.

What’s the difference between drinking from a firehose and attending ABA TECHSHOW? At TECHSHOW, you won’t get soaked with water.

Why I Loved ABA TECHSHOW Just A Little Bit More This Year
April 10, 2014
Julie Tolek (@Thinkpinklaw) is a family lawyer in Boston and wrote about why she loved TECHSHOW just a little more in 2014 attending as a “full-fledged attorney” instead of a law student.

ABA TECHSHOW has a special place in my heart for many reasons: it quenches my thirst for geeky techy stuff, it provides a forum for me to learn new things to help grow and manage my practice, but most importantly it facilitates interaction with like minded people.

ABA TECHSHOW: A First Timer’s Three Days in the LegalTech World
May 1, 2014
Gilliam Fattal attended ABA TECHSHOW for the first time in 2014 as a business manager from a boutique tax & bankruptcy firm in Connecticut and wrote about her experience.

ABA TECHSHOW did not disappoint. What is happening in this area is changing the profession. New technologies are changing discovery, practice management, data management, legal research and the like and it’s igniting the conversation about how to make the legal profession better and most refreshingly, how we can help each other make that happen. Techie or not, the ABA TECHSHOW is something worth becoming acquainted with.



What Vendors Said:

Why ABA Techshow Is Great, and Why You Should Go Next Year
March 29, 2014
Larry Port, (@larryport) CEO of Rocket Matter (@rocketmatter) has been coming to ABA TECHSHOW since 2008 and he shared some personal thoughts about the 2014 Conference.

…it’s a collection of some of the most interesting and intelligent people you’ll have the pleasure of meeting. Come out to Chicago and I promise you, you will join an amazing, and if I might say so, extremely good-looking group of people that you’ll be able to call friends and look forward to seeing every year. And you’ll learn some cool stuff in the process.

Review of ABA TECHSHOW 2014 (A Vendor’s Perspective)
April 2, 2014
The Accellis Technology Group (@Accellis) exhibited in 2014 and talked about the products and services they saw and some of their key takeaways from the Conference. Accellis also made the top 10 list of “Best Swag” from ABA TECHSHOW with their coffee mug.

Thomson Reuters Legal Current Blog
Thomson Reuters is always a big supporter of ABA TECHSHOW and supplied a recap of Day 1 and Day 2 of ABA TECHSHOW 2014.



Photos & Videos From ABA TECHSHOW 2014:

Pictures from ABA TECHSHOW 2014
Jeff Richardson (@jeffrichardson) is a popular speaker at ABA TECHSHOW and shared some of his pictures from ABA TECHSHOW 2014 on his www.iphonejd.com blog.

ABA Techshow 2014: The Photos
Exhibitor MyCase (@MyCaseInc) shared a few pictures from their “Law and Disorder” party at Buddy Guy’s Legends (located behind the Chicago Hilton).

ABA TECHSHOW 2014: Fun & Informative
And if you want to watch someone throw their iPhone across the room in a session, Ernie Svenson (@ernieattorney) posted a couple of short videos for your viewing pleasure.



Product Announcements at ABA TECHSHOW 2014:

Top 10 Product Announcements at ABA TECHSHOW 2014
March 31, 2014
To give you an idea of how vendors announce new products and services at TECHSHOW, Bob Ambrogi (@bobambrogi) gave this write-up on the top 10 product announcements that he observed.



And Perhaps Most Important, the Swag or Schwag from ABA TECHSHOW 2014 (aka “Promotional Material“):

The Best Swag from ABA TECHSHOW 2014
March 31, 2014
ABA TECHSHOW 2014 attendee Jenny Stevens (@MrsMacLawyer) provider her list of the top swag she scored during the Conference

Check out swag from the ABA TECHSHOW 2014
And to get a better look at the best swag from ABA TECHSHOW 2014, the ABA Journal offered an excellent picture gallery.