Fillable Forms in Adobe: Saving Form Data

An issue we see a lot is getting fillable PDFs to save with the answers you provide in them. There’s an easy way around this for most all PDFs you receive.

ISSUE: Sometimes when filling out form fillable PDFs, I cannot save my answers. Why does this happen?

ANSWER: This is happening because the user who created the form did not extend save rights into the form. Here is how you correct the problem:

Add SAVE functionality in Acrobat Reader: You must embed save rights (or “extend” save rights) into the PDF. If you do not, your users trying to fill out the form in Reader (like your clients, etc.) will receive this error when saving:

To “extend” save rights, select File > Save As > Reader Extended PDF > Enable Additional Features

You will receive the following confirmation. Then click Save Now.


-By Paul Unger

Unger is a frequent speaker at ABA TECHSHOW. He was Chair of the 2011 TECHSHOW Planning Board. He is a principal in  Affinity Consulting Group.