Hidden Reflex Launches Epic Privacy Browser

Software company Hidden Reflex has released its Epic Privacy Browser designed to protect users’ privacy when surfing the Internet.

By offering “comprehensive…private browsing” as its default, the Epic Privacy Browser eliminates or blocks many of the convenience features now common in Web browsers that store information about the user that could be accessed by unauthorized parties. The company describes “11 Potential Privacy Leaks that Epic Blocks.” They are:

1. No Address Bar Suggestions
2. No URL Checking
3. Removal of Auto-Translate
4. No URL Tracking
5. Removal of Installation ID
6. Removal of RLZ-Tracking Numbers
7. No Default Updater
8. Removal of the Installation Time Stamp
9. Removal of Alternate Error Pages
10. Removal of Navigation Error Suggestions
11. Removal of Error Reporting

Users will not find any of these features in the Epic Privacy Browser:

  • History
  • Third Party Cookies
  • Password Saving
  • Auto Suggest
  • Web Cache
  • Extensions
  • Google Sync
  • DNS Pre-Fetching
  • Spell Check
  • DNS Cahe
  • Automated “Most Visited Sites” list
  • Autofill

Additionally, the Epic Privacy Browser includes comprehensive ad and tracker blocking and a “one click proxy” to hide your IP address. The browser does not send your search terms to the web pages you visit when perfoming search engine searches and has its “Do Not Track” signal always on.  The browser also clears all browsing data when you close the browser at the end of a session.

The Epic Privacy Browser is available as a free download for Mac and Windows operating systems at http://www.epicbrowser.com.

Founded by Alok Bhardwaj, Hidden Reflex based in Washington, DC and Bangalore, India. The company’s investors include the Washington Post Company.


-By Mark Rosch and Carole Levitt

Rosch and Levitt have been frequent presenters at ABA TECHSHOW. Rosch serves on the 2014 TECHSHOW Planning Board. Together they are principals in Internet For Lawyers.