What is a Frugal Solo or Small Law Firm?

This year at ABA TECHSHOW, one of the sessions on the Solo and Small Firm Track is a entitled, “The Frugal Law Firm.”   A frugal firm is not “the cheap firm,” or the one that cuts corners unnecessarily.  The “frugal firm” is an introductory session to explore alternative solutions that can save you big bucks! Discover low cost alternatives to the products and services everyone assumes are necessary.  Find free web based services, protect your systems from attack, and determine when it is time to upgrade without thinning your wallet. The frugal law firm is perhaps one which may have limited resources, or perhaps makes a conscientious decision to use available technology to its fullest prior to making the jump to what is perceived to be newer or better.

One of the important matters to address for a solo or small firm is that one cannot spend like a big firm.  A small firm simply does not have the resources for imported leather chairs and mahogany paneling.  Neither does a small firm have the resources for multiple servers, state of the art telephony and three monitors per work station.  Much depends on the size of the firm and the ratio of staff per attorney, but in general, a solo or small firm does not have a per person overhead budget comparable to a large firm.  Numbers dictate what can and cannot be accomplished, and the bottom line budget will determine the technology resources which are available.

  • Do you need to have a professional version of Microsoft Office in order to run an effective law office?
  • What resources are available for free or low cost legal research online?  You do not necessarily have to have a Westlaw or LexisNexis account to get the case you need.
  • When is it time to upgrade your hardware or software?  When is it better to replace your hardware or software without breaking the bank?

Join us at ABA TECHSHOW 2013 where our speakers will try to show some technology tips for the uninitiated to get the most from lesser resources, in the Solo / Small Firm session entitled “The Frugal Law Firm.”

– Marc W. Matheny