How to Use Branding and a Client-Centered Website to Turn Website Visitors into Firm Clients

Many law firms have attractive websites with detailed descriptions about the firm, the education and awards of its attorneys, and firm practice area descriptions.  The firm and attorneys are positioned as being the best in the area.  Sometimes these websites even include detailed explanations about applicable law concerning the firm’s practice areas. 

While the website design and informational content may be very good, these same websites often fail to convert website visitors into new clients. 


Because when it comes to websites, prospective clients don’t call the firm with the best design, the most content, or the most impressive lists of legal accomplishments.  They call the firm whose website best resonates with them around how the firm will help them with their legal matter and any non-associated legal needs. 

If your firm’s website is not delivering clients, come to our presentation on Friday, March 30 at 10 a.m. – “Beyond The Basic Website: Proven Techniques to Expand Your Web Presence.”   This presentation will focus on areas such as branding and how to drive prospective clients to your firm’s website.  You’ll learn:

  • What an effective brand is, and why developing effective branding is critical in differentiating your firm from competitors,
  • What the Client-Centered Website is, how it differs from the “traditional website approach,” and why firms interested in connecting with prospective clients need to embrace and use the principals of the client-centered website,
  • What prospective clients want to see on a law firm’s website,
  • How to create attorney profiles that connect with clients,
  • The difference between presenting information and creating resonation, and
  • How to drive prospective clients to your firm’s website. 

Creating Website Content that Will Get You Hired – Building Client-Friendly Websites Around the Content that Prospective Clients Want to See

There is often a tremendous discrepancy between what lawyers think prospective clients want to see on a law firm’s website and what these clients actually want to see.  Law firms typically believe that if they demonstrate that they are the “best” law firm based upon awards, verdicts, speaking engagements, and educational achievements, clients will hire them.  This is usually not the case.

Instead, clients want to know first and foremost how the firm will help them with their legal problem and any associated non-legal needs.  Firm awards, speaking engagements, and accolades may matter very little in the selection of legal counsel. 

To build a super-charged client-friendly website that will convert website visitors into clients, it’s important that law firms understand what information prospective clients are actively seeking, and then present this information in a way that will resonate with prospective clients.  At the presentation on “Beyond the FAQ: Building Client-Friendly Websites” (Thursday, March 29 at 8:30 am) you’ll learn:

  • What personal injury clients want to see vs. what business clients want to see,
  • How to develop and present the information that your clients want to see based upon your practice areas,
  • How to distinguish between “high level” information (information that will be a key factor in a client’s decision as to which law firm to retain) and ancillary information, and how to ensure that high level information is prominently conveyed,
  • How to develop effective messages that resonate
  • How to create distributed publication of your messages using social media, blogging, and other content distribution.

-Jeff Lantz