ABA TECHSHOW is More Than Just CLE

Why do people return time and time again to ABA TECHSHOW?

Is it for the three days of top-notch CLE on topics that you can use in your practice every day?  Of course.  Is it because ABA TECHSHOW is flat out the best legal technology conference for lawyers in North America?  Of course.  Is it because it is a chance to see vendors and exhibitors with the newest products and a chance to see the products at work in the EXPO Hall?  Of course.  Is it because year after year the best speakers in the country on legal technology converge in downtown Chicago at one time in one place to give some of the best presentations on the hottest issues of legal technology?  Of course.  Is it because ABA TECHSHOW provides attendees a chance to meet their speakers in a casual setting after hours where they can discuss legal technology?  Of course.  Is it because everyone who attends ABA TECHSHOW has a chance to meet new people who enjoy similar topics?  Of course.  Is it because ABA TECHSHOW gives lawyers, paralegals, law practice management advisors, and consultants a great opportunity to meet one another and find out about what is new and exciting?  Of course.

ABA TECHSHOW is not all of these things for everyone, but as you can see, ABA TECHSHOW is quite a lot more than just CLE. Come to Chicago, join me and have some fun at ABA TECHSHOW.

-Marc Matheny