Why ABA TECHSHOW is About Your Future

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”
Pioneering computer scientist, Alan Kay

Your future is directly influenced by decisions of others inside and outside the legal profession.  Although change is always occurring, new influencers – and in particular technology – are fundamentally changing how we do business as lawyers.

Other businesses, occupations, and professions have already faced these changes. Newspaper publishers, travel agents, booksellers, music producers, and car dealers have all seen huge changes. So have venerable tech companies like RIM, makers of the Blackberry.

It is time for the legal profession, and you, to face down these changes.

So how is technology changing our profession? It is providing lawyers with many new tools: Tools that make us more productive, tools to make us more efficient, tools to let us collaborate with colleagues and clients in new and different ways, and tools that will disrupt how most of us presently do business.

iPads and Smartphones make us more productive. Cloud-computing, online collaboration, and paperless processes make us more efficient. The Web has given our clients direct access to a legal information. And, online services like DirectLaw, WhichDraft, and RocketLawyer will disrupt the way lawyers traditionally have done business.

Are you ready to face this change? Now is the time for you to invent your future. Don’t let someone else define it for you. Now is the time for you to learn and take action — or get out of the way.

ABA TECHSHOW is the place to learn about how technology is changing the practice of law. It features over 50 educational sessions to help you learn about the changes that are coming and how you can exploit the opportunities they present. There are sessions for lawyers and law firm staff of all stripes—from tech beginners to advanced IT professionals.

There is a plenary presentation about the future of law practice by Jim Calloway. Jim is a lawyer, legal technologist, and practice management guru who is one of the premier thought leaders on this evolving issue. Jim’s presentation, The Future of Law Practice: Dark Clouds or Silver Linings, will help you see the future and provide perspective to all that you have learned during the first two days of the conference. Jim’s session will no doubt inspire you to act upon all that you will have learned.

And beyond our educations sessions, there is so much more to ABA TECHSHOW. There are networking dinners with our faculty, an EXPO Hall filled with leading legal technology vendors, and an opportunity to meet other people that are passionate about legal technology. ABA TECHSHOW  has something for everyone in the legal profession.

Come to ABA TECHSHOW to learn how you can create your preferred future in a changing profession.

-Reid Trautz,