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5 Tips to Becoming a Conference Travel Ninja

-By Joe Bahgat Bahgat is a practicing attorney focusing on Internet, media, and intellectual property litigation, and is passionate about the ways technology is forcing change upon an industry and culture so resistant to it. Having cut his teeth as a professional musician on the NYC jazz scene for a decade before becoming a lawyer, […]

Top 5 Security Tips for Smartphones

-By Sharon D. Nelson, Esq. and John W. Simek Nelson and Simek have been frequent presenters at ABA TECHSHOW. Nelson served as Chair of the 2006 TECHSHOW Planning Board. Together, they are the principals of Sensei Enterprises. At TECHSHOW 2015, Simek will be co-presenting “Pocket Confidential – Securing and Protecting Information on Lawyers’ Mobile Devices,” […]

Meet the Authors at ABA TECHSHOW

Each year, the ABA Law Practice Management Section’s Publishing Board publishes the definitive books in the section’s four core areas of managing a law practice: finance, management, marketing, and technology; in addition to several books on careers. These books are all written by the leading authorities in the field – with real-world, user-friendly advice, and […]

Paying for an Office 365 Subscription

– By Jeff Richardson A frequent presenter at ABA TECHSHOW, Jeff Richardson is a partner in the New Orleans office of Adams and Reese LLP, where his practice primarily involves representing defendants in class action and complex litigation, appellate litigation and products liability litigation. He practices law in Louisiana and Florida. Mr. Richardson is also […]

One TECHSHOW Attendee’s Takeaways from the 2014 Conference: Efficiency, Productivity, and Swords of Truth

-By Philippe Doyle Gray Gray is a barrister from Sydney, Australia, where he was one of the first barristers to have his own website. In 2012, he started migrating to a paperless office (and courtroom) to the complete bemusement of his colleagues. He uses Mac and Windows simultaneously to the consternation of his assistant. He […]