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Tech-ish Delight: Is This the Year You Hit ABA TECHSHOW?

It’s a straight-up fact that you should never accept Turkish delight from a stranger offering it for free.  Horrible, horrible things are bound to happen.  (I feel like a British person would say ‘horrible’, rather than ‘terrible’.  I’ve been conscripted into watching ‘Downton Abbey’ lately; and, I hate it.  Back home, we called it DonwtoWn […]

Google Apps for Business: Security, Confidentiality and Ethics

Millions of corporations, small businesses, solo lawyers, large and small law firms, and federal, state and local governments have “gone Google”—meaning that they have moved from hosting their own e-mail servers (and in some cases calendars and documents) to using Google Apps. Companies that have gone Google range from Konica Minolta and Jaguar to the […]

Serving a Civil Subpoena on a Social Media Site to Obtain Content of a User’s Profile

Facebook, in a Help page article titled “May I obtain contents of a user’s account from Facebook using a civil subpoena?”<>, cites the Stored Communications Act as the reason that “Federal law prohibits Facebook from disclosing user content…in response to a civil subpoena,” stating unequivocally:  “Federal law prohibits Facebook from disclosing user content (such as […]