The Corporate Counsel's Guide to Discovery Management
Large Firm Track (Advanced)
Thursday, April 4, 2013, 2:00pm-3:00pm

This session will be an exciting policy and practice discussion on managing the continuing onslaught of discovery requests. Hear the stories from both IT leadership and Corporate Counsel on dealing with this complex issue.


Philip Favro

Symantec Corp, Mountain View, CA

Philip Favro brings over thirteen years of discovery expertise to his position as Discovery Counsel for Symantec Corp. Phil is a speaker, author, blogger and consultant on the challenges that electronic data have imposed on information retention and eDiscovery practices, and how to address those challenges in legal matters. Phil’s expertise has been enhanced by his practice experience as a commercial litigation attorney in which he advised a variety of clients regarding complex discovery issues. Phil is a member of the California and Utah bars. He belongs to the ABA’s Science & Technology Section and to Working Groups 1 and 6 of The Sedona Conference.

Scott Preston

ERM Legal Solutions, Nashville, TN

Scott Preston has more than twenty years of senior management experience in legal technology managing the areas of IT, Litigation Support, Records and Conflicts. A creative thinker who is often found thinking outside the box, Scott is known for his passion for technology and for motivating others by having a hands-on fun approach. Currently, Scott is with ERM Legal Solutions helping to deliver a next generation legal project management system to law firms.