Sharon Nelson

Sensei Enterprises, Inc.

Sharon D. Nelson, Esq. is the President of Sensei Enterprises, Inc., a digital forensics, cybersecurity and information technology firm in Fairfax, Virginia.

Ms. Nelson is the author of the noted electronic evidence blog, Ride the Lightning and is a co-host of the Legal Talk Network podcast series called “The Digital Edge: Lawyers and Technology” as well as “Digital Detectives.”

She is a frequent author (eighteen books published by the ABA and hundreds of articles) and speaker on legal technology, cybersecurity and electronic evidence topics. She was the President of the Virginia State Bar June 2013 – June 2014 and a past President of the Fairfax Law Foundation.

She may be reached at snelson@senseient.com

My Sessions

The Intersection of Ethics and Well-being

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Embrace the new focus on the link between lawyer well-being and competence and learn how existing ethics rules intertwine with these concerns. It’s not just being current on technology or implementing it in your practice that is required; it’s understanding how all these issues intersect.

Lawyer Well-Being

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