The Digital Client File


A traditional paper-based client file carries a lot of risk. What would you advise a business client who told you they only keep one copy — on paper — of many critical business documents? Transforming physical client files into their digital equivalents means critical client data can be backed up to guard against loss. These digital files are also more valuable to the practitioner, allowing access to any document in a few clicks — as opposed to flipping through paper — and more. Digital records facilitate information sharing via secure client portals, application of data analytics tools, mobile access to records and less expensive archiving. All law firms now keep some records in digital formats, but today’s digital client file should provide access to all the records. This session will cover best practices to convert a client file spread across several locations into what it should be — a digital client file, which enables quick access to all information related to the client matter, including billing information and other items that were not contained in a traditional client file.

Core Concepts