Setting Boundaries to Create Work-Life Balance and Improve your Productivity

Boundaries are important. In sports, they define the area of play. In personal relationships they mark the limits one establishes in a relationship. But what about professional boundaries? Professional boundaries are designed to protect both, the client and the lawyer. They define effective and appropriate interaction between the parties. Without boundaries problems can arise, schedules can implode, and the lawyer can lose a sense of work/life balance. The failure to set healthy boundaries can also lead to ethical violations. With the increased use of technology in the law practice, the boundary lines can sometimes begin to blur. In this session, we will discuss the importance of setting boundaries and how the lack of boundaries can lead to potential stress, burnout, and ethical issues. We will discuss how to set boundaries and put a plan into action, how to use technology appropriately to help keep boundaries, as well as the positive effects it can have for your work and your well-being.

Lessons Learned