Humanizing Your Client Experience With Tech

Grand Ballroom A

A humane, compassionate, equitable, and diverse legal function is essential to building public trust, compromise, and advancing the common good. Now more than ever, legal professionals must hone their skills in relationship building to be effective counselors and advisors to their clients.  Yet, our greater reliance on tech can be a significant barrier to this critical need. This presentation will address some of the ways you can run a tech-fueled law practice without sacrificing the human component integral to an excellent client experience. 

Attendees can expect to learn the following during this session:

  1. How to translate the idea of “relationship building” to technology, including changing the way we communicate and collaborate.
  2. How self-serve forms and information can be delivered with an eye for client ease and convenience.
  3. How to balance the human touch against automation and firm profitability
Client Experience