Early and Often: Better Client Communication through Automation

Grand Ballroom A

Creating a client workflow that sets expectations and guides them through the process is key to managing many of the stressful situations in the legal world. Even better is when that client workflow has anticipated the client’s questions and provides information and answers before the client even knows they need it. Process mapping client communication and using automation allows law firms to have happy clients, eliminates the “my hair is on fire” approach to client communication, and results in successful law firm management. This session maps out typical client workflows for a variety of practice areas, identifies the opportunities for communication, and presents tools to automate those communications.

Attendees can expect to learn the following during this session:

  1. Client workflows that can be implemented for any practice area.
  2. How to be proactive with communication tools in a way that anticipates client questions and puts you their minds at ease.
  3. Tech tools and software available to automate the communications.
  4. How a no unscheduled phone call policy can actually improve client communication.
Client Experience