James I. Keane Memorial Award


For Excellence in eLawyering


The James I. Keane Memorial Award celebrates innovative delivery of personal legal services that serve both moderate income individuals and the broad middle class. Lawyers, law offices, and legal organizations that develop, use, and promote digital legal services are all eligible for nomination.

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In 2000, ABA President William G. Paul asked the Law Practice Division to examine efficient ways that lawyers could use the Internet to effectively deliver legal services to people of moderate means. James I. Keane spearheaded the ABA Law Practice Division eLawyering Task Force, and became the founding Chair.


eLawyering is simply delivering legal work online. Pioneering practitioners have found dramatic new ways to communicate with clients, collaborate with other lawyers, produce documents, settle disputes, interact with courts, and manage legal knowledge. eLawyering encompasses all of the ways in which lawyers can do their work using the web and associated technologies.

Thanks to the collective efforts of a legal technology community, most lawyering “verbs” like interview, investigate, counsel, draft, advocate, analyze, negotiate, manage now have corresponding Internet-based tools and technologies. The James I. Keane Memorial Award strives to motivate continued innovation.

Past James I. Keane Award Recipients:

  • 2015 – Houghton Vandenack Williams of Omaha, NE
  • 2014 – Immigration Advocate Network
  • 2013 – Richard Granat of Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  • 2012 – Hargrove Madden LLP of Louisville, KY
  • 2011 – Legal Aid Society of Orange County
  • 2010 – Lee S. Rosen of Raleigh, NC
  • 2009 – Stephanie Kimbro of Wilmington, NC
  • 2008 – Cowell Taradash, PC of Chicago, IL

Nomination Details



Nominees may be any individual lawyer, law firm, or legal organization that provides electronic legal services to individuals within the United States. The nominee can be a large or small law firm, public or private, or a legal services agency.  More than one entry may be submitted. Self-nomination is encouraged.

The nominated services, or action, must have taken place during or after 2012, and the legal service must have operated for at least one year prior to nomination. The nominee should be prepared to provide evaluation data that documents the effectiveness of the legal service in terms of client satisfaction, revenue enhancement, and/or law productivity. The nomination must provide an analysis of the measures used to define success.

Additional consideration will be given to projects that focus on the delivery of legal services to individuals of moderate means.

Nomination Criteria

  • Absence of precedent: the delivery of service never been done or done quite this way before
  • Evidence of action: the innovative idea was transformed into action and not merely reflective of best intentions.
  • Effectiveness of innovation: There is some measurable outcome that would indicate that the innovation is accomplishing what it was intended to do. The project must demonstrate the use of the Internet to deliver legal services.

Nomination Process

  • The nomination period for 2016 is now open
  • Nominations should be submitted through the James I. Keane Award Nomination Form
  • The nomination should detail
    • How the service can be replicated by other law firms in terms of development costs, required technology, people requirements, and ongoing maintenance costs; and
    • How the service was developed, how it is managed, and how it has been evaluated.

Selection Process

The eLawyering Task Force of the ABA Law Practice Division selection committee is made up of a panel of impartial members. This panel will review the nominations and select the recipient. The Executive Committee of the ABA Law Practice Division Council will review the decision.

Award Presentation

The award winner is honored at a special ceremony at the ABA TECHSHOW in Chicago. Meritorious Recognition Awards may be granted to additional nominees at the Committee’s discretion. The Committee reserves the right not to present the Award in a given year.

Nominees will be featured in Law Practice Magazine and other LP Publications.  In addition, the Award recipient may receive one free pass to ABA TECHSHOW.

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