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The final day of ABA TECHSHOW kicks off with the plenary presentation by D. Casey Flaherty and Professor Andrew Perlman investigating the new skills and proficiencies lawyers require…that they didn’t require 20 years ago. The plenary session is followed by presentations of top apps for the major mobile device platforms: iOS Windows Mobile Android Blackberry […]

Fighting Back: Tools for Tracking Hacks to Secure Your Practice

-By Chris Ries, David Ries, and John Simek (adapted from the written materials for their upcoming”Fighting Back: Tools for Tracking Hacks to Secure Your Practice” session during ABA TECHSHOW 2014) Chris Ries currently works for Oracle’s Java Vulnerability Team, where he focuses on software security. Before joining Oracle, he was a Senior Information Security Engineer […]

Creating a Digital Island

From an upcoming article from the Law Practice Magazine. Stories about government and business monitoring of citizens has fanned interest in what can be done to remain anonymous. Attorneys are understanding and expect that when they visit a website their location, recent browsing history and interactions with other sites may be recorded. Less understood is […]

VDI: It’s Not a Disease

– By Chad Burton & Martin Ditkoff Burton is a lawyer and the Principal of Burton Law. Ditkoff is a solo attorney in  Brookfield, Wisconsin. He is the former General Counsel of Morris Material Handling (P&H Cranes). This post is adapted from the written materials for “VDI: It’s Not a Disease” – one of the CLE sessions […]

The Best Android Productivity Apps for Lawyers

– By Jeffrey Taylor This post is adapted from “2013’s Best Android Apps for Lawyers.” Taylor is a Principal in Absolute Legal Services, LLC in Oklahoma City, OK. He blogs extensively about lawyers’ use of Android devices at The Droid Lawyer. Learn more at one of the three sessions he will present at ABA TECHSHOW 2014. Once again, we find ourselves […]

MS Word 2007/2010/2013 Tip of the Month for February 2014 – How to Fix Word’s Formatting Defaults

– By Barron Henley Henley is a frequent speaker at ABA TECHSHOW. He is a principal in  Affinity Consulting Group. This post originally appeared on their blog. Learn more about how you can put the power of Word to work in your practice at one of Henley’s two session on the software at ABA TECHSHOW 2014: […]

Not Responding

From Steve Best, ABA Techshow Board Member. When Microsoft Windows asks a program to do something, like accept a keystroke or close itself, and the program fails to acknowledge that request within a certain amount of time, the program is said to be “Not Responding” according to Windows.  If the program never comes out of […]