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Is Google too Public for Attorneys?

There was an interesting comment this week on this post about smartphone and tablet privacy. The post dealt with the issue of snoopers, people who peek at mobile device screens, but the commenter asked a more poignant, pressing question about Google’s services and policies and their relation to a lawyer’s duty to protect client information. […]

The #ABATECHSHOW Trend Keeps Going

ABA TECHSHOW draws a crowd of legal professionals from different cities, states, and countries every year. Extensive travel arrangements are made, buckets of regular coffee are consumed and note-taking Apps are downloaded in preparation to hear the best speakers in legal technology. We hear from attendees; “it’s all about the great speakers”, or “the buzzing […]

Seven Tips for Building up Your LinkedIn Network

Lawyers sometimes seem to forget that LinkedIn is a site for professional networking. In case you’d forgotten, “networking” is a process of meeting new people in a business or social context. Networking requires action on your part. Just as you would mingle at a cocktail party and hope to make new contacts, you need to mingle on LinkedIn. […]

How to Use Branding and a Client-Centered Website to Turn Website Visitors into Firm Clients

Many law firms have attractive websites with detailed descriptions about the firm, the education and awards of its attorneys, and firm practice area descriptions.  The firm and attorneys are positioned as being the best in the area.  Sometimes these websites even include detailed explanations about applicable law concerning the firm’s practice areas.  While the website design and […]